Dhani Stocks IPO Review (Apply Steps, UPI and Allotment Status)

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Dhani Stocks offers an online IPO application to its customers. Dhani Stocks customers can instantly apply in IPO with Dhani Stocks App, Web, or PIB using UPI (Unified Payment Interface) for funds blocking.

Dhani Stocks is a discount broker that provides ultra low-cost online trading and investment services to retail customers in India. It serves over 7 lakh customers through branch offices in over 18 cities.

Dhani Stocks trading platform act as a single-window to trade in many asset classes across exchanges. Customers can choose from desktop, web, and mobile versions as per their convenience.

Steps to apply for an IPO through Dhani Stocks

Below are the steps to apply online in an IPO using Dhani Stocks App.

  1. Login to Dhani Stocks App.
  2. Select the IPO in which you would like to apply.
  3. Enter the lot size and bid price.
  4. Enter your UPI ID.
  5. Open your UPI app and approve the payment request.

Alternatively, you can also apply online through the Dhani Stocks Web/PIB by signing in to the respective trading platform.

You can also apply offline using the ASBA facility or by submitting the offline IPO application as per below:

  1. Offline IPO Application
    1. Get offline IPO form from and Dhani Stocks Branch office or
    2. Download 'IPO Application Form' from the NSE website.
    3. Fill in your details like Name, PAN, DP Name, DP Id, etc. in the application form.
    4. Visit the nearest Dhani Stocks Branch office and submit the IPO Application form.

    Get in touch with your Relationship Manager for any help you need on applying for an IPO.

  2. Apply through Bank Account using ASBA facility

    You can also apply for an IPO online using your bank's ASBA facility and Dhani Stocks Demat account. It is a fully online process that helps you apply for an IPO in a few minutes.

    Steps to Apply in an IPO using net banking ASBA

    1. Visit your bank's website and Log in to your net-banking account.
    2. Register yourself as an IPO applicant by entering your bank and Demat details.
    3. Visit the IPO section of the website that is generally under the Investments section.
    4. Select the IPO you would like to apply for from the list of active IPOs.
    5. Select your account and enter your details on the application page.
    6. Confirm and apply.

    In the ASBA IPO application, the bank blocks the application amount from withdrawal. The bank debits the money from your account on the allotment of shares. If there's no allotment, the bank unblocks the money. The money earns interest in the period.

    The company will transfer the shares to your Dhani Stocks Demat account.

Dhani Stocks IPO Charges

Dhani Stocks offers free online IPO application services to its customers. There are no charges to apply for an IPO through the Dhani Stocks trading platform.

Dhani Stocks IPO Allotment Status

Dhani Stocks IPO allotment status can be checked from the IPO registrar's website or on our website at IPO Allotment Status Page.

You would receive an e-mail and SMS on your registered mail id and mobile number informing you of the status of your allotment once the allotment process finalizes.

In case you get a successful allotment in the IPO you will receive the allotted shares in your Dhani Stocks Demat account and the bid amount that was blocked by the bank will get debited. In case you do not receive shares in the IPO allotment, the bid amount that was blocked by the bank will get released.


Dhani Stocks offers an easy and convenient online IPO application. The applications have to be made using UPI to block funds. You can also choose to apply offline using ASBA using your Dhani Stocks Demat account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. I have an account with Dhani Stocks. Can I apply in IPO?

    Yes, all Dhani Stock customers can apply for an IPO either online or offline.

    You can apply online through the Dhani Stocks trading platform using the UPI payment gateway.

    To apply offline, you need to download the form and submit it at your nearest Dhani Stocks branch. You can also use the ASBA net banking services of your bank to apply online for an IPO. While applying, please make sure to provide the details of your Dhani Stocks Demat account.


  2. 2. How do I sell IPO Shares through Dhani Stocks?

    You can sell the allocated IPO shares in the same way you sell any other shares once you receive them in your Dhani Stocks Demat account. But remember that these shares are eligible for trading only from the listing day on the exchange.


  3. 3. Who can apply in IPO's through Dhani Stocks?

    All Dhani Stocks customers can apply for IPO either online or offline.

    You can apply for an IPO online through Dhani Stocks App that is quite convenient than applying offline. You can also apply offline by submitting the IPO application form to its branch office or using the ASBA facility. To apply using ASBA, you need to have an account with the bank that offers the ASBA IPO application facility.


  4. 4. How much fee do I have to pay to apply IPO online through Dhani Stocks?

    Dhani Stocks do not charge any fees to apply for an IPO online through them. 


  5. 5. Can I apply in IPO's using Dhani Stocks App?

    Yes. You can apply for an IPO online using Dhani Stocks App through the UPI fund blocking.

    Applying for IPO through Dhani Stocks App is an easy process. You need to select the IPO, enter the number of Lots, enter UPI ID, and then authorize the bid on the UPI app. Once the UPI mandate is approved, your IPO bid gets successfully placed.


  6. 6. Does Dhani Stocks provide research reports about IPO?

    No. Dhani Stocks does not offer research reports about IPO's to its clients.


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