What is brokerage at 5paisa.com?

5paisa Account Opening

FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage-free Mutual Funds + Trade at flat Rs 20 per order. Open Instant Account with 5paisa and start trading today.

5paisa offers 3 brokerage plans to its customers - Optimum, Platinum and Titanium. The brokerage fee varies as per the chosen brokerage plan.

5paisa Brokerage Scheme

Brokerage Plan

Monthly Charge

Brokerage Charge



Rs 20 per order for all Segments


Rs 499 per Month

Equity Options Rs 2 per lot, Others Flat Rs 10 per order


Rs 999 per Month

Equity Delivery: Free

Equity Options: Rs 2 per lot

Others: Rs 10 per order


Open Instant Account in 15 Minutes Open Instant Account - Start Trading Today



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