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Finvasia, an online discount stock broker, offers a range of trading software and tools to its customer. This includes in-house build ScalperT and 3rd party trading platform including NEST and NOW.

Finvasia ScalperT is available for free of charges. Other 3rd party trading software's are offered as paid add-ons. The customer has to pay a monthly fee to use 3rd party trading platforms.

Finvasia online trading platforms:

  1. ScalperT
  2. Nest by Omnesys
  3. Now by NSE
  4. Fox Trader
  5. Amibroker
  6. Presto

1. ScalperT

ScalperT is a web and mobile-based trading platform. It is built in-house by Finvasia and offered for free to all the customers. ScalperT offers to trade across Equity, Commodity, F&O, and Currency trading at BSE, NSE and MCX.

Similar to Zerodha Kite and RKSV Upstox, Finvasia ScalperT is front-end trading software. It uses Omnesys API, RMS and OMS in the backend.

Key features of ScalperT trading platform are:

  • Available as Mobile App and browser-based Trading Website.
  • A single platform to trade across Stocks, F&O, Currency and Commodities.
  • Real-time market updates.
  • Customizable market watchlists.
  • 40+ technical indicators and multiple chart types.
  • Trade directly from the charts.
  • Do fundamental analysis with historical data in multiple time frame.
  • Get real-time alert and notifications.
  • Open 4 charts in a single window.
  • Invest online in IPO and NCD public issues.
  • Integration with 30+ banks for online fund transfer.
Finvasia ScalperT

Finvasia ScalperT Mobile App

The ScalperT Mobile App is available for Android smart phone users. You can download the ScalperT mobile trading software for free from the Google play store.

ScalperT Demo

The ScalperT trading platform offers a range of advanced and essential features to traders. Some require understanding or a demo to use some of the features of the platforms. Finvasia provides ScalperT demo videos to help traders self-learn the various features of the platform.

Steps to Watch ScalperT demo videos:

  • Visit Youtube.
  • Search for Finvasia channel
  • Click on the videos you want to watch.

2. Omnesys Nest

NEST by Omnesys is a 3rd party trading software offered by Finvasia. NEST is available for a fixed monthly fee (exchange wise) to Finvasia customers.

Omnesys NEST is among the most popular and stable trading platform available in India for over 20 years. It has a robust back-end server to execute the orders speedily. Here are the key features of the Omnesys nest:

  • Single desktop software to trade across NSE, BSE and MCX.
  • Online pay in/pays out feature to update the limits.
  • Trade across multiple securities such as stocks, commodities, and F&O.
  • Various charting features for performing technical analysis.
  • Access to different calculators such as Option Calculator, VWAP Calculator, Implied Volatility Calculator, and TOP N Calculator.
  • Excellent execution advantage than other software.
  • Different order types including Cover Order, Bracket Order, Basket Order, Multi-leg Orders, etc.
  • Market depth information to help investors analyse market sentiment considering the supply and demand structure of the stocks.

Finvasia Omnesys NEST Charges

Stock Exchange

Monthly Uses Charges


Rs 49


Rs 49


Rs 49

Bracket Order (Additional Charges)

Rs 99

Finvasia Omnesys Nest Download

The Finvasia Omnesys Nest software can be downloaded from the company's website. Here are simple steps to download the online trading software:

  • Visit Finvasia official website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the home page.
  • Click on download under Retail Services heading.
  • Click on Nest to download it for 64-bit or 32-bit.


NOW (NEAT on Web) is an online trading platform offered for free by National Stock Exchange (NSE) to trade at NSE. The customer has to pay a monthly fee to trade on other exchanges i.e. BSE.

NOW offers an Installable Trading Terminal, Trading Website and a Mobile App to trade across capital markets.

In comparison to ScalperT, NSE NOW is a very old trading platform. It has a very poor user interface and experience for website and mobile app.

Key Features of NOW:

  • Available for free to trade at NSE. The monthly fee for trading at BSE.
  • Accessible from desktop, web and mobile app.
  • Allows to trade across multiple platforms.
  • Invest in equity, commodity, currency, F&O, mutual fund and IPO.
  • Trade efficiently in the stock market.
  • Day-wise and net-position reports are available.
  • Analyze the market and get insight.
  • Rule-based or auto rule-based trading.

Finvasia NOW Download

  • Go to the official website of the company.
  • Click on download under Retail Services heading available at the page end.
  • Download the latest version of the Now software.

NSE NOW Charges

Stock Exchange

Monthly Price




Rs 150 per segment

4. Fox Trader

Fox Trader is an advanced charting and trading platform. It is offered as a paid add-on to Finvasia customers.

The platform provides 3 years old and 500 days of intraday charts for study purposes. It offers to trade at BSE, NSE and MCX. Key features of the platform are:

  • Single platform for trading and analysis
  • 300+ technical indicators.
  • Different types of calculators.
  • Multiple technical tools and drawing tools.
  • Check real-time positions with ease.
  • Understand the techniques from 300+ studies, 200+ conditions/signals to apply multiple strategies on historical data.
  • Automatic pattern recognition on Candlesticks, Renko, Swings, Point & Figure, Kagi and Renko charts.
  • Get accurate live information, intraday and EOD data.
  • View Candle Patterns, Weekly Close, Option Greeks, Open Positions, Ranks, Exchange Margins, and Computed Columns in the market watch.

Finvasia Fox Trader Charges

Fox Trader is a paid 3rd party trading platform offered by Finvasia. The charges are paid directly to Reliable Software, the owner of the Fox Trader software.

Fox Trader comes 2 plans; standard and premium plan. Some of the key difference between Standard and Premium Plans are explained below:

Fox Trader Standard Vs Premium Plans


Standard Plan

Premium Plan

Intraday Data History

100 Days

500 Days

Number of scripts in Market Watch


No Limit

Addition of Custom Columns in Market Watch



Snap to Excel (DDE)



Historical event analysis



Options Graph



Derivative Summary



FII DII Activity Report



Ready Signals and Patterns on Renko / Point & Figure / Three Line Break / Kagi Charts



Scaling Level Strategy Analysis



Fox Trader Standard Plan Pricing



Half Yearly



Rs 3800

Rs 7400

Rs 14000


Rs 4600

Rs 8900

Rs 16500


Rs 3000

Rs 6000

Rs 11000


Rs 5700

Rs 9200

Rs 18000

Fox Trader Premium Plan Pricing



Half Yearly



Rs 5400

Rs 10000

Rs 19000


Rs 6400

Rs 12500

Rs 23000


Rs 4300

Rs 8000

Rs 13500


Rs 7500

Rs 13500

Rs 22500

Fox Trader Free Trial

Fox Trader offers a free trial of its software for 15 days. Follow the steps below to get the free trial.

  • Visit Finvasia Website.
  • Hover the mouse on trading platform tab. It will show a drop-down list of trading platforms.
  • Click on Fox Trader.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a download button.
  • Click on the download button to access the free trial for 15-days.

Fox Trader Download

  • Visit the company's website.
  • Click on the'Download' section provided under the Retail Services menu.
  • On the next page, click on the Fox Trader download link to access it quickly

Fox Trader User Manual

  • Visit Finvasia Website.
  • Hover the mouse on trading platform tab. It will show a drop-down list of trading platforms.
  • Click on Fox Trader.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the'Fox Trader User Manual' link

5. AmiBroker

This is advanced trading front-end software for trading, technical analysis and market evaluation. AmiBroker is used by advanced traders, Algo and Semi-Algo traders. It is 3rd party trading software available as an add-on by Finvasia for a fixed monthly fee of Rs 299.

Key features of Amibroker:

  • Advanced charting capabilities to understand the financial market.
  • Portfolio level testing to analyse the stocks based on past performance.
  • Can double-check the client's investment strategy.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Use 3-D OpenGL animated optimisation charts.
  • More than 100 optimisation parameters
  • Allows creating interactive and responsive charts.

Finvasia AmiBroker Pricing/Charges:

AmiBroker is offered by Finvasia at a subscription fee of Rs 299 per month.

6. Presto

Presto is 3rd party trading software popular among frequent traders and hedge fund traders.

It implements fully automated trading algos for NSE, BSE and MCX. Key features of this tool are:

  • Can trade multiple securities in multiple exchanges.
  • Trade across multiple asset classes.
  • Easily connect with the different Data Feed Providers.
  • Develop relevant automatic trading strategies for end users.
  • Run and test High-End strategies simultaneously.
  • Access excel based strategies automatically.
  • Place automatic trading order through charting tools.
  • Custom API for users using .NET, Java, Python, C#, Presto platforms.

Note: NISM (NSE's Certifications in Financial Markets) or NCFM (NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets) certificates are needed to use Presto trading platform.

Finvasia Presto Pricing/Charges

Presto platform by Finvasia is available at a fee of Rs 1599 per month.

Finvasia Commodity Trading Software

Finvasia securities also provide commodity trading services. It is a registered member of MCX and NCDEX to offer commodity trading facilities. All the trading software discussed above support commodity trading.

The trading platforms can be downloaded from the company's website. Steps to download the Finvasia commodity trading software are discussed above.

Finvasia Forex Trading Platform

Finvasia securities offer broking services to trade in currency derivatives at BSE and NSE. Through any one of the above-mentioned trading platforms offered by Finvasia, you can trade in foreign exchange.

About Finvasia Securities

Finvasia Securities is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX. It is India's first stock broker to offers zero brokerage and zero clearing trading account without any hidden charges.

The company provides broking services to trade across Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency and F&O. It also provides online investment services in Mutual Funds and IPOs etc. The discount stockbroker caters to a diversified client base including corporations, high net worth individuals, retail customers, foreign institutional investors, asset management companies, hedge funds, non-resident Indians, and high net worth individuals.

The company has offices in Chandigarh (India), London (UK) and Mississauga (Canada). In addition, it has a wide presence across many countries around the world including India, USA, Japan, China, and Dubai, etc.


  • Finvasia offers zero brokerage services to its investors.
  • Finvasia ScalperT is a homegrown trading platform. It is available for free to all customers.
  • Finvasia has partnered with various platform owners to give its customers access to the platforms. These trading software's are available for a monthly fee.
  • The company has made significant investments in technology. It has also partnered with various platform owners to give its customers access to the platforms.

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Zerodha (Flat Rs 20 Per Trade)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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