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Finvasia ScalperT Review

Published on Monday, June 4, 2018 by Team | Modified on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Finvasia ScalperT Review

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ScalperT Review - A Brokerage Free Trading Platform

Finvasia is a fintech company offering a number of services related to financial sectors in India by using cutting edge technology. Finvasia has offices in Chandigarh, India and in 12 other countries. Finvasia is an online stock broker for retail customers. They offer Equity and Commodity trading services on BSE, NSE, and MCX stock exchanges.

ScalperT is Finvasia's homegrown trading platform. It was launched on September 2017. It is an advanced charting and trading application. It can be accessed via Browser or Android. ScalperT is made available free of charge to all the clients.

SCALPERT. It's Simple !! It's Free !!

A scalper is a person who holds a security trading position for a short period of time in an attempt to make a profit. Scalpers buy and sell many times in a day with the objective of taking small consistent profits out of the market.

Scalper Meaning

ScalparT, Finvasia Trading Plan

ScalperT Product Highlights

  • It is designed and developed in-house.
  • It is built on Omnesys APIs, OMS (Order Management System) and RMS (Risk Management System). Omnesys is a Thomson Reuters Company. Omnesys is famous for its NEST trading platform.
  • ScalperT is very similar to Zerodha's Kits and RKSV's Upstox trading platforms which are also built on Omnesys API, OMS and RMS. Both provide web and mobile version of the software.
  • ScalperT is available in 2 versions. A web browser based trading website and a mobile trading app.
  • It doesn't offer installable trading terminal.
  • It offers to trade at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • It is integrated with the demat account to show the holdings in real-time.

ScalperT Key Features

  • Integrated trading app for trading across segments and exchanges. Trading in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Commodities at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • It has all standard features which are available in trading apps offered by other brokers. For example, real time data and charges, market watch etc,
  • Advance order types including cover order (CO) and bracket orders (BO) are available. Additional margin is available for CO and BO orders (Up to 28X for CO for equity). BO is also available at MCX.
  • Advance Charts & Indicator - ScalperT offer 40 technical indicators
  • Integrated with 30 banks for online fund transfer. Limits are available instantly when money is transferred using ScalperT fund transfer page.

Finvasia ScalperT Advantages

  • It doesn't cost anything to use ScalperT. With absolutely zero brokerage on trades, free trading software makes the trading truly free. Customer only pays government taxes.
  • There is no brokerage, no per trade fees, no advance charges, no hidden/other charges on your transactions with ScalperT.
  • No Clearing charges when trading on NSE as Finvasia itself provide clearing services.
  • Call & Trade is free for all the customers. If trading application is down for some reason, customer can place order using Call & Trade.
  • ScalperT is under active development. A ton of new features are added in every new release.
  • It will build on strongest OMS and RMS system build by Omnesys.
  • Buy and sell ETF in ScalperT under EQ category

ScalperT Other Important Information

  • The square off timing for intra-day orders are:
    • Equity Cash Segment: 3.20 PM
    • Equity F&O: 3.25 PM
    • Currency F&O: 4:45 PM
    • Cross Currency: 7 PM
    • Commodity (MCX): 11.15 PM
  • ScalperT is not available for customers who are using NSE NOW for trading. This is because both of these trading platforms users different OMS and RMS.
  • Omnesys NEST and ScalperT can be used together as both use same OMS/RMS.
  • All Finvasia NEST users can download ScalperT App from Google Play Store and trade on the platform using their NEST user credentials.

ScalperT Shortfalls

  • BTST feature is not available.
  • Scanners for finding trending stocks, futures and option are not available.

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