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Choice Broking Mutual Fund Review

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Choice Broking offers Mutual Fund services through Investica, an online mutual fund platform. Investica was launched in 2017 by Choice Broking to make the mutual fund investment journey smart, swift, secure, and simple for the investors. The company offers regular and direct mutual funds to its customers.

Investica can be accessed through a mobile app or website. Investica has a tie-up with Optimo, India's first Robo financial planner and advisor that helps you plan your financials in seconds. Choice Broking Investica offers mutual funds from 35+ Asset Management Companies.

Choice Broking Mutual Fund Features

  • Offers direct and regular mutual funds.
  • Free and easy to use mutual fund platform, Investica.
  • Paperless and instant account opening at no cost.
  • Tie-up with India's first Robo financial planner, Optimo.
  • Goal-Based/Category wise Baskets options with Lumpsum and SIP mode of investments.
  • Track all the investments in one platform.
  • On-the-go SIP calculator.
  • Choice Broking Mutual Fund Account Opening.

Choice Broking Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

To start investing with Choice Broking mutual fund, you need to sign up as a new customer and register yourself with Choice Broking Investica. You can sign up and register with Choice Broking Investica within 5 minutes as per below:

  • Visit Choice Broking MF website
  • Click On sign up/New to Investica
  • Sign up by providing your email id
  • Provide other basic details like Name and mobile number
  • Enter User id and password
  • Enter Aadhar and PAN to complete the registration process

Choice Broking Mutual Fund Platforms

1. Investica Mobile App Review

Choice Broking offers a proprietary platform Investica to its customers for mutual fund Investments. Investica mobile app is designed to support Android and iOS systems. You can start investing in mutual funds with an initial investment of just Rs. 500 per month and experience the 'Joy of Earning' by association yourself with Investica.

Steps to download Investica App

The Investica app can be freely downloaded from Google play store or App store. App Store is compatible with the iPhone only and cannot be accessed through the iPad.

To download the App

  • Visit Google play store/ App store.
  • Search for Mutual fund app Investica.
  • Click on install to download the app.
  • Login to invest.

Investica Charges

Investica is offered at free of cost to its investors with no transaction charges for providing any service apart from the charges levied by the mutual fund houses. While it charges no fees for regular mutual funds, the company charges a subscription fee of INR 500 for a year and INR 300 for 6 months excluding taxes for Direct mutual funds.

Investica Features

Investica comes with a host of features that makes your mutual fund investment journey simple.

  • Free account opening with zero paperwork and E-KYC process.
  • Educative blogs related to mutual funds.
  • Option to switch to top-performing mutual funds
  • Self and Family Mutual fund tracker with expert insights
  • Goal-based baskets to suit each risk appetite
  • Easy to use with simple navigation.
  • Timely alerts, updates, and notifications.
  • Secured app with A+ SSL certification and 256-bit encryption.
  • In-built SIP calculator.
  • Provides a list of Top Mutual funds across various categories viz Tax Saving Funds, large/small/mid-cap funds, focused funds, liquid funds, etc

Choice Broking Mutual Fund App (Investica) Demo

Investica Review

Investica is a good mutual fund platform offered by Choice Broking with 4.3+ ratings on Play Store and App Store. Investica is a complete Mutual Fund app with free mutual fund investing, financial planning, and top class research with insightful recommendations.

Investica is a state of art platform built by super enthusiastic young minds with fresh ideas under the mentoring of experienced stalwarts of the industry to maximize the wealth for its stakeholders. Investica's tie-up with India's first Robo advisor 'Optimo' assists investors in smart financial planning for retirement, emergencies and also assess if the investments done by you match your risk profile.

2. Investica Website

Investica is also supported on a web browser that can be accessed from any phone or computer. Investors can log in/sign up into Investica company website and start investing online in mutual funds. The Investica web site share the same features as of that of Investica mobile app.

Investica Customer Care number

Choice Broking Investica provides online assistance for customer support. You can contact customer care through email, call, or by sending a message/raising a query via the 'Contact us' menu.

  • Support Email id :
  • Support Phone Number: (+91) 8080-80-8875

Choice Broking Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Zero transaction fees, brokerage, and commission.
  • Dedicated mutual fund platform with loads of features.
  • Access to best recommendations for different categories of mutual funds.
  • Goal-based baskets to suit the risk profile of each investor
  • Robo Advisor to assist right investment decision as part of financial planning
  • Access to regular and direct mutual funds.

Choice Broking Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • The subscription fee for Direct Mutual Funds.
  • No In-House Mutual Funds.


Choice Broking Investica is a good platform for mutual fund investments using either Lumpsum or SIP mode of investment. The company offers both regular and direct mutual funds of the fund houses. It offers free account opening with zero transaction fees and brokerage. However, it charges a subscription fee for investing in the direct mutual fund. Choice broking Investica gives you access to mutual funds from 35+ AMCs to help you invest as per your financial goals. Further, the goal-based, category wise segregated baskets help to select the right basket to suit your risk profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Choice Broking offer direct mutual funds?

    Yes, Choice Broking offers direct mutual funds along with regular funds.

    However, the direct mutual funds come with a cost, unlike regular mutual fund services which are offered free of cost. Choice Broking charges a subscription fee of Rs 500 for a year and Rs 300 for six months excluding taxes to access the direct funds.


  2. 2. Does Choice Broking charge for mutual funds?

    Choice Broking provides Investica as a trading platform for mutual fund investment at free or cost. Investica is available on the web, Android, and iOS systems. 

    The company offers regular and direct mutual funds to its customers. It charges no fees or transaction charges for mutual funds service in the case of regular mutual funds, apart from the charges levied by the AMC or mutual fund houses.

    However, in the case of direct mutual funds, Choice Broking charges a subscription fee of INR 500 for a year and INR 300 for six months for providing advisory service in direct mode.


  3. 3. What is NFO in Choice Broking?

    NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company (AMC) or mutual fund house to raise capital. Choice Broking offers its investors to apply for NFO through Investica.


  4. 4. What is Investica's rating methodology for Mutual Funds?

    Investica gives ratings to each mutual fund based on their quantitative analysis of the fund's past performance and volatility. These ratings help investors select the right fund considering their investment capacity and risk appetite.

    Investicas rating methodology is based on three factors

    Factor Weightage given

    Rolling returns


    Standard Deviation


    Asset Under Management (AUM)


     For equity funds, the rolling returns are considered for a rolling period of 3 years with a minimum AUM of 100 crores. 

    For debt funds, the rolling returns are considered for a rolling period of 1 year (in case of Liquid, Ultra Short, Low Duration, Money Market Schemes) and 3 years (for other debt schemes) with a minimum AUM of 500 crores. 


  5. 5. How can I redeem my investments with Investica?

    You can redeem mutual funds in Choice Broking Investica online at any point in time. The redemption process at Investica is easy, quick, and hassle-free. 

    Steps to redeem mutual funds in Investica:

    1. Login to Investica.
    2. Click on the Redeem button on the holding screen.
    3. Enter the Units or value that is to be redeemed.
    4. Confirm the order by putting the OTP received on the registered mobile number and email id. 

    Investica Redemption Timelines: 

    • Investica offers an insta-redemption for liquid funds up to a withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000.
    • In the case of Equity Funds, the redemption amount gets credited to your bank account in T+3 days.
    • In the case of Debt funds, the redemption amount gets credited to your bank account in T+1 day.


  6. 6. How to buy mutual funds in Investica?

    To buy a mutual fund in Investica, firstly you need to open an account with Investica. To open an account with Investica, you need to download Investica and complete the registration process. Once the account is opened and activated, you are ready to buy the mutual funds in Investica. 

    Steps to buy mutual funds with Investica:

    1. Login to Investica (web or mobile app)
    2. Explore the various options, categories, and recommendations of Top schemes.
    3. Select the SIP or Lumpsum mode of Investment.
    4. Click on Invest now.


Zerodha (Flat Rs 20 Per Trade)

Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

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Zerodha (Flat Rs 20 Per Trade)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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