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Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Service provides its clients an opportunity to invest in mutual fund schemes of different fund houses or asset management companies. Ventura Securities only offers to invest in the regular option. A client cannot invest in the direct option of a mutual fund scheme while investing through Ventura Securities.

To invest in mutual funds, you need to either open a separate mutual fund account or use the existing Ventura trading and Demat account. Ventura Securities MF provides mutual fund investment updates, comparison tools, screeners, and top fund lists to help customers make informed investment decisions.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Platform Key Features

  • Access to invest in numerous schemes offered by more than 35 mutual fund houses.
  • Provides a list of top-performing mutual funds
  • Offers various tools such as fund compare, ranking, selector, scheme screener, etc.
  • Calculate your return on investment using the Point to Point Returns calculator
  • Calculate SIP returns or the appropriate SIP amount required to fulfill your investment goal using the SIP calculator
  • Get MF updates such as news, activity trackers, NAV finder, etc
  • Get all the information about any mutual fund scheme using the Scheme Screener tool.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Charges

Ventura Account Opening Charges


Ventura Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Ventura Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges

Charges 0.25% to 1.50% brokerage depending on the asset class you choose

Ventura Mutual Fund Commission

Charges commission 1% to 1.5% for regular mutual funds

Ventura Mutual Fund DP Charges

Other Charges

Charges transaction fee for investing Rs 10,000 and more as lump sum or SIP

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund charges a transaction fee on investments of Rs 10,000 and above in lump sum or SIP mode of investment. These charges vary depending on the fund house. The broker does not charge any fee for Demat account opening.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund account opening process is quick and simple. The broker allows you to either open a separate mutual fund account, open a new equity and mutual fund account, or open new equity, mutual funds, and commodity account.

Steps to open Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Account

  • Visit the official website of Ventura Securities.
  • Click on the mutual fund's tab on the home page.
  • Click on the Open an Account option available on the right-side.
  • Select the mutual fund account type from the three options available.
  • Provide your basic details for Ventura Securities mutual fund account registration.
  • Enter further details to complete the account opening procedure.
  • Attach the required documents as mentioned on the website.
  • Your account opening process is complete.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund SIP

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund offers investment options in various schemes from more than 35 fund houses. You can invest a lump sum amount or start investing via the Systematic Investment Plan or the SIP mode of investment. You can invest with a minimum SIP amount of Rs. 500/-

Ventura Securities also provides a SIP calculator. It helps the investors calculating the expected returns and the correct SIP amount to meet their financial goals. By using the Ventura SIP calculator, you can make an informed decision.

Key Features of Ventura Securities Mutual Fund SIP

  • Online investments in SIP.
  • Facility for additional purchase to step up investment.
  • Redeem the SIP units at any time.
  • Facility to switch the scheme.
  • It offers a SIP calculator.
  • Provides a list of top SIP schemes.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Platform

Ventura Pointer

Ventura Pointer is a desktop-based software to trade online across different asset classes such as equity, derivatives, commodity, and mutual funds. You need to install the software on your desktop or laptop to start investing. You will need to open a trading account with the broker to access this platform. It is suitable for investors who want to invest across different investment products that include mutual funds through a single platform.

Key Features of Ventura Pointer for Mutual Funds

  • A dashboard to track all the investments
  • Easy order placement and cancel option
  • Live updates and alerts
  • Good speed and performance
  • Compare funds based on performance

Steps to download Ventura Pointer

  • Visit the official website of Ventura Securities
  • Click on the Download tab
  • Choose 'Online Trading Software - Pointer' under the equity option
  • Click on download and login with credentials

Ventura Securities also allows web-based investment for a mutual fund. You can log in to your account on Ventura's official website and start investing in a mutual fund easily.

Ventura Wealth App

Ventura Wealth is a mobile app offered by Ventura Securities Ltd. which allows you to invest in mutual funds. It is free and is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This app allows a client to check performing funds, explore new funds and track his or her mutual fund investments anytime from anywhere.

Key Features of Ventura Wealth App for Mutual Funds

  • The Dashboard displays a summary of investment value, current value, and the total loss or gains on your investment.
  • Asset class-wise, list of performing funds.
  • Explore schemes from different fund houses using advanced filters
  • Option to Quick Transact with a few clicks
  • Check the due date of your next SIP
  • View mutual fund holdings, capital gain/ loss, dividend summary, and SIP mandate.

Steps to download Ventura Wealth App

  • Visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Search for 'Ventura Wealth'.
  • Click on Install.
  • Log in using your client id and password.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Desktop-based all-in-one software for investing.
  • Mobile app for easy Mutual Fund investments and reports.
  • Offers mutual fund schemes from more than 35 fund houses.
  • No Demat account opening and AMC charges.
  • Provides mutual fund investment tips, tracking tools, fund performance reports, and investment summary.

Ventura Securities Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • Charges commission because it offers only a regular option for mutual fund investments.
  • Charges transaction and brokerage fees for mutual fund investments.

Ventura Mutual Fund Customer Care

Ventura Securities has more than 30 branches and over 500 sub-broker offices. You can visit these offices for any assistance. You can also call on +91-22-67547000/ +91-22-25498500 for any query.

It does not have a separate Ventura mutual fund customer care service. For any grievances, you can send an e-mail to


Ventura Securities offers only a regular option for mutual fund investments. This platform is not for investors who want to invest in direct mutual fund schemes. For regular schemes, the company charges brokerage and transaction fees which makes investments expensive. There are many other options available in the market for MF investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Ventura Securities Mutual Fund charge a fee?

    Yes, Ventura Securities Mutual Fund charges brokerage and transaction fees. The brokerage fee ranges from 0.25% to 1.50% and varies as per the asset class of funds like equity, debt, or hybrid funds. The transaction charges vary from AMC to AMC. Ventura charges a transaction fee for investments above Rs 10,000 mutual funds either through SIP or lumpsum mode.


  2. 2. How can I start with Ventura Securities MF?

    You can start investing online by visiting the Ventura Securities website and going to the Mutual Funds section from the home page. Click on open an account. Enter a few personal details and attach the required documents online to start investing. You can also use the Ventura Wealth app to start investing in mutual funds through Ventura Securities.


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