Ventura App Review (Mobile Trading App Demo, Guide, Charges & Download Links)

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Ventura is Mumbai based company offering financial products and services to retail and institutional customers in India. Ventura started its operation in 1994 as a stock broker.

Ventura has a large network of sub-brokers. Trough this network, Ventura offers Equity Trading, Commodities Trading, Depository Services and other financial products and services to retail customers across India.

Ventura Securities also offer online trading to customers though its in-house developed trading software called POINTER.

POINTER offer Website based trading, Installable Trading Terminal and Mobile Trading App.

Ventura Mobile App

Ventura offers 2 mobile trading application; Ventura Wealth and Commodity Pointer Mobile Trading. Ventura Mobile Apps offers the same simplicity and features that its customers experience on POINTER Website.

1. Ventura Wealth

Ventura Wealth is the Mobile Trading App by Ventura offering Equity and Derivatives Trading at BSE & NSE.

Key offerings by Ventura Wealth Trading app:

  • Trading in Equity & Equity Derivatives at NSE and BSE.
  • Investment in Mutual Funds
  • Investment in IPO's
  • Investment in Bonds, NCDs, Tax Free Bonds
  • Live market updates
  • Live stock watch
  • Online Portfolio

2. Commodity Pointer Mobile Trading

Commodity Pointer Mobile Trading is a Mobile Trading App for Commodity Trading. This online trading app offers online trading in commodity to Ventura customers.

Key offerings by Commodity Pointer Mobile Trading App:

  • Trade in commodities at MCX
  • Modify or cancel orders on smart phone
  • Manage funds
  • Manage margin
  • Real time commodity market watch

Supported Platform / Devices

  1. Ventura Trading App for iPhone

    Ventura Trading app for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at iTunes for download.

  2. Ventura App for Android Phone

    Ventura Trading app for Android phones is available at Android Play Store for download

Ventura Mobile Trading App Demo

1. Ventura Wealth [Equity & Derivatives Mobile Trading App]

2. Ventura Commodity Pointer Mobile Trading

10 Features of Ventura Mobile App

The Ventura Securities Mobile App is available for Android & iOS (Apple iPhone). Following are the top 10 offerings of Ventura POINTER Mobile Apps:

  1. Separate trading app for Equity and Commodity
  2. Convenient and anywhere trading & monitoring
  3. Trade in equity, equity derivatives and commodities
  4. View demat holdings on real-time
  5. Live stock watch and market watch
  6. Online portfolio to track positions
  7. Live streaming of quotes
  8. Check margin on your phone
  9. Online fund transfer. Check account on real time basis.
  10. All mobile trading activities are synced with other trading platforms
Ventura Special Offer

Free Brokerage Account (Zero Account Opening Fee)

Ventura Discount

Open online stock trading account with Ventura for FREE. This is a limited time offer. Pay Rs Zero Account Opening Fees. Simply leave your contact information with us and Ventura representatives will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is Ventura Mobile Trading App available for free?

    Mobile Trading app is not available to all its customer. Its available to customers with prepaid plans of Rs 9999 or more. Visit Ventura Brokerage section for more detail about the plans.


  2. 2. How do I download Ventura Mobile App?

    To download the mobile trading app, please visit the Android App Store or Apple App Store.


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