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Nirmal Bang Wealth Solutions is the mutual fund distributor in India. All the schemes available on the Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund platform are regular schemes. Nirmal Bang doesn't have any in-house schemes. It offers mutual funds from different AMCs.

Nirmal Bang allows all types of investors for mutual fund investment including residents, non-residents, NBFCs, FIIs, banks, provident funds, and other corporate bodies.

Features of Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund

  • A single platform to integrate portfolio, family account, and transaction engine
  • Unbiased research and intelligent product solutions
  • Provides robust sales and marketing support
  • Offers Complete financial solutions for clients
  • Good offline network and presence across India
  • Nirmal Bang Beyond MF mobile app

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Charges

Nirmal Bang Account Opening Charges


Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges


Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Commission

Up to 1.75%

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Demat Charges


Other Charges


Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund is a distributor and provides mutual funds from different fund houses. The broker offers regular mutual funds and charges commission from customers. Nirmal Bang doesn't charge commission separately from the customers, it is inclusive in the NAV. Depending on the types of fund categories, the commission varies. The commission can vary from 0.02% to 1.75%.

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Nirmal Bang offers an integrated mutual fund platform to invest across different fund houses from a single mutual fund account. To start investing, you will need a mutual fund and a Demat account with Nirmal Bang.

Steps to open Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Account Online

  1. Visit the official website of Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund
  2. Click on the Login button
  3. Choose 'MF Login' from the list
  4. Click on 'SignUp as Investor'
  5. Fill the PAN, DOB, Mobile and Email detail
  6. Click on 'Create Investor'
  7. Get login details on mobile and mail
  8. Now log in the account with credentials
  9. Click on 'Investor List' on the dashboard
  10. Click on 'Action' and choose edit KYC detail
  11. Add Bank details and click on Save Detail
  12. Add nominee and personal detail
  13. Recheck all the fields and click 'save and continue'

Documents Required for Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Account Opening

  1. PAN Card
  2. Canceled Cheque
  3. Aadhar Card

Nirmal Bang SIP

Nirmal Bang allows investors to invest through SIP mode of investment. Through the Nirmal Bang SIP calculator, you can calculate the estimated returns and start your SIP accordingly.

Features of Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund SIP

  • Can invest with a minimum of Rs 500
  • Invest weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Invest, pause, and withdraw SIP
  • Use SIP calculator to calculate returns
  • Invest in SIP through mobile app or website

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund investment platform is for the users who want to invest in multiple mutual funds from different fund houses. It provides an integrated solution to invest in different category schemes in one place. Nirmal Bang offers both web-based and mobile-based mutual fund investment platforms.

1. Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Web

Nirmal Bang web solution provides for the clients. It is easy to access and user interactive platform for new and experienced users. You just need to open a mutual fund account with Nirmal Bang and login to the platform from the website to start investing in a mutual fund.

Steps to Access Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Web

  1. Visit Nirmal Bang website
  2. Click on Mutual Fund tab
  3. Click on 'About US' from the drop-down menu
  4. Choose 'Mutual Fund Login' from the list
  5. Login with ID and password

2. Nirmal Bang Beyond MF App

Nirmal Bang Beyond MF is a mobile application to track your portfolio and review them regularly. You can access the Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund platform through this mobile app from anywhere across the globe.

Key Features of Beyond MF

  • User-friendly and compact application
  • Track your and family's investments in Mutual Funds
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Provides mutual fund reviews and recommendations
  • Calculate returns easily with an in-built calculator
  • Check complete transaction status information

How to Download Beyond MF App

  1. Open Google Play App Store
  2. Search for Beyond MF app
  3. Click on the 'Install' button

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Provides dedicated mutual fund investment platforms
  • Allows Mutual Fund investment across multiple funds
  • Offers free to access Beyond MF mobile app

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • Charges commission on mutual fund schemes
  • Doesn't offer direct mutual funds
  • Doesn't offer in-house mutual funds

Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund Customer Care

Nirmal Bang has a separate customer care support for mutual fund investment. For any mutual fund related queries, you can contact on 022 6273 9100. You can also mail on


Nirmal Bang Mutual Fund provides a dedicated platform and mutual fund recommendations. It is a good option for new investors who need advisory on mutual funds. Experienced users may go for other brokers offering direct mutual funds without charging any commissions.

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