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Kotak Securities Exposure Limit

Founded in 1994, Kotak Securities is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The company is a full-service broker and offers a complete range of trading services. It offers stock broking, portfolio management, depository and research services. 

Kotak Securities offers 3-in-1 account service. A saving, trading and a demat account are linked with each other for easier trading. The account facilitates trading in equity, commodity and currency. Also, Kotak customers can use the account to invest in mutual funds, Bonds and IPOs.

The company offers many technology platforms to its customers to enable convenient trading. Kotak customers can trade using-

  • Xtralite - For customers on slow internet connections and trade using mobile phones.
  • KEAT Pro X - A full-fledged stock trading desktop platform.
  • FastLane - A light Java-based applet for those who cannot download KEAT Pro.
  • StockTrader - A Mobile Trading App
  • Call & Trade

Kotak Securities is also depository participants of NSDL and the CSDL. This allows it to offer depository services to its customers.

The company has an in-house research division that conducts stock and market analysis. The research team publishes various sector-specific, company-specific and macroeconomic studies. The reports help traders gain market insights and investment ideas.

Key Facts About Kotak Securities

  • Member of BSE and NSE
  • Over ₹153 crore of Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • 13+ Lakh customer accounts
  • 5 Lakh trades per day
  • Presence in 377 cities with 1281 branches, franchisees and satellite offices
  • Global presence in the European, Middle Eastern, Asia Pacific, and American markets.

Kotak Securities Exposure Limit

Kotak Securities offers many trading facilities to traders. Kotak Securities Margin Trading Facility is one such key offering of the company. The facility allows its customers to trade many times more than the funds available and make more profits.

Kotak Securities Margin Trading Facility

Margin trading facility allows you to trade by paying a margin amount in place of the entire value of the trade. You only need to pay a certain percentage as the margin amount. This allows you to trade many times more than the funds available in your account.

  • Kotak Securities Super Multiple- This facility offers you up to 50 Times exposure on selected stocks. It is a intraday trading facility and required you to sell the position the same day. So, if you have ₹20,000 in your account then you can invest up to ₹1,00,000 in the stocks. You can use the super multiple margin facility in cash as well as Futures trade. All super multiple orders require a STOP LOSS price. All open positions under super multiple are automatically squared off at 3.10 P.M.
  • Kotak Securities Stock As Margin- It allows you to gain from the stocks held in your Demat account. It gives you margin up to 83% (depends on stocks category) of the value of stocks available in your Demat account. So, if you have stocks worth ₹5,00,000 in your demat account then you can get a margin up to 83/100 X 5,00,000 = ₹4,15,000.

Key Points to Note on Kotak Margin Trading Facility

  • The Margin Facility is available for intraday trades.
  • The limit of margin depends on the category of stocks.
  • All open positions under margin facility need to square off by 3:10 pm.

A STOP LOSS trigger price is a must while placing super multiple orders.

Kotak Securities Span and Exposure Margin

Kotak Securities Exposure Limit (Segment wise)
Trading SegmentExposure / Leverage
Kotak Securities Delivery Exposure1x (no margin)
Kotak Securities Exposure for Intraday50 times
Kotak Securities Future Exposure12 to 15 times
Kotak Securities Equity Options ExposureSelling: 200 times | Buying: 10 times
Kotak Securities Currency FutureNA
Kotak Securities Currency OptionsNA
Kotak Securities Commodity ExposureNA

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