Anand Rathi Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

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* Margin Policy Update

As per the SEBI circular dated November 19, 2019, starting from September 01, 2021, brokers cannot offer additional margin (i.e. 20x) in any segment including intra-day at BSE, NSE and MCX. The margin is now decided by the exchange and remains the same for all brokers. For all intraday product types i.e. MIS, BO, CO trades, the leverage will be the same which is the VAR+ELM margin. Visit New margin requirements in India Stock Market to know more.

Incorporated in 1994, Anand Rathi is a full-service broker offering various financial services such as corporate finance, advisory, investment banking, wealth management, brokerage and distribution products across different segments. Investors can invest across equities, mutual funds, commodities, insurance, and bonds using Anand Rathi platform. Anand Rathi group has a presence across 1200+ locations in India and abroad.

It has multiple trading platforms including-

  • Tr@de Mobi- Mobile Trading App
  • AR Mutual Fund- Direct Mutual Fund Platform
  • Tr@de X'press plus - Browser-based Trading Platform
  • Tr@de X'pro- Installable Trading Software
  • Tr@de Lite- Online Trading Website
  • Trade Xpro plus- Package of Trading Tools

Anand Rathi also offers a powerful portfolio tracker tool (KubeR) for investors to manage their account and access various reports.

Anand Rathi also has a dedicated research division that publishes research reports on economy, markets and segments.

Anand Rathi Leverage Exposure

With margin funding facility available at Anand Rathi, investors can purchase additional shares with extra leverage. In a margin trading facility, you can trade in select shares by paying a fraction of the trade value and the rest is paid by the broker as a loan. This increases the chances of generating more profits with the same amount of money.

The broker allows taking positions in the F&O segment with a relatively low amount of margin money. It offers a margin calculator for commodity segments. Customers can use margin trading facility at Anand Rathi across Intraday, Currency, Delivery, and Commodity.

Anand Rathi offers margin intraday square off and margins financing products to the investors. Know about the products here:

  • Margin Intraday Square Off

Margin Intraday Square Off product is offered by Anand Rathi to the investors. It is intraday orders which need to be squared off on the same trading day. If users do not square off the order or not convert in some other order type, the Risk Management System (RMS) will square off it automatically. Intraday orders are squared off before the market closing.

  • Margin Financing

Anand Rathi also offers Margin Financing product wherein investors can finance their share purchases from the broker. It is a loan like a facility wherein the broker charges interest on the financed amount. The shares purchased under margin financing are pledged as collateral.

Anand Rathi Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity Deliveryupto 4x
Equity IntradayUpto 10x
Equity FutureUpto 2x
Equity OptionUpto 2x for shorting
Currency FutureUpto 2x
Currency OptionUpto 2x for shorting
Commodity FutureUpto 2x
Commodity Option

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How much exposure does AnandRathi offer for equity?

    Investors can utilize margin up to 4 times in equity delivery and up to 10 times in the equity intraday segment.

    The customers who want to generate profit from the market swings during the day and have limited money, Intraday Margin Product is suitable for them. The positions under intraday are squared off on the same trading day.


  2. 2. What is Anand Rathi margin financing product?

    Margin financing product allows investors to buy shares listed on the exchanges by taking credit from the broker. Investors have to sign a contract with Anand Rathi to designate the shares in their Demat account to put as collateral or security. When the market conditions are favourable, traders can utilise the extra liquidity provided by the broker. Anand Rathi charges interest on the borrowed money based on the prevailing rates.


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