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5paisa Exposure Limit

Incorporated in 1995, 5paisa is a Mumbai based discount stock broker. It is a part of India Infoline Limited (IIFL), a leading financial services company in the country. In 2016, 5paisa was re-launched as a discount broker with a new flat fee brokerage model.

5paisa provides a range of trading and investment services to its customers. The company offers trading services in stocks, currencies, Futures and Options. Robo advisory and Algo trading are other major offerings of the company. Robo Advisory is an automated investment advisory system that helps you choose mutuals funds as per your profile. Algo Trading leverages computer programs to analyse markets and places trades on the terminal thereby reducing manual intervention. Besides it also offers Mutual Funds, Insurance and Loans.

5paisa charges one of the lowest brokerage fees in the market. Customers can trade at a flat fee of ₹10 per executed order in Equity, Currencies and F&O. The brokerage fee is irrespective of the volume of the trade.

5paisa customers can choose to trade in their desired securities using the trading platforms offered by the company. The platform is available on the web, mobile app, and as an installable desktop trading application.

Key Facts About 5 Paisa

  • Part of reputed IIFL group
  • 125000+ Clients
  • 15000+ Crores in Daily Turnover
  • Offers flat fee brokerage at ₹10/order
  • Offers access to advanced trading platforms and tools like Robo Advisory Algo Trading
  • Online paperless account opening process
  • Member of SEBI, NSE, BSE and NSDL

5paisa Exposure Limit

Besides giving access to advanced trading tools and low brokerage fee, 5paisa also offers attractive leverage margin facility to its customers. The leverage facility allows 5paisa customers to trade in a large number of shares or contracts by paying only a fraction of the trade value. For intraday trading in stocks, you can get up to 12 times the available funds in your account. The leverage for delivery trades in stocks is up to 3.5 times. The margin facility helps you multiply your profits in a short term bullish trade.

5paisa Margin Policy- Key Points To Note

  • 5Paisa gives margin funding facility on net buy basis in exchange approved securities and 5Paisa approved stocks.
  • Customers need to give their consent to avail margin funding facility.
  • Traders need to pay the margin upfront as per the exchange guidelines.
  • Interest is charged by 5Paisa on the funding provided.

The limit of exposure given by 5paisa for different segments and trade is-

5paisa Span and Exposure Margin

5paisa Exposure Limit (Segment wise)
Trading SegmentExposure / Leverage
5paisa Delivery ExposureUp to 3.5 times
5paisa Exposure for IntradayUp to 20 times
5paisa Future ExposureIntra-day 3 times | Delivery: 1 time
5paisa Equity Options ExposureIntra-day 1 time | Delivery: 1 time
5paisa Currency FutureIntra-day 1 time | Delivery: 1 time
5paisa Currency OptionsIntra-day 1 time | Delivery: 1 time
5paisa Commodity Exposureupto 2x

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1. TULSIRAM GOKULA  Feb 6, 2019 13:28 Reply
I had placed an order 100 Qty. it was rejected. reason is required amount is Rs 5000, where as available is 1500. as you are proving exposure 12 times for intraday . then why it was rejected!

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