What is the maximum time limit available to resettle the 5paisa exposure amount?

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There's no maximum time limit mentioned to resettle the 5paisa exposure amount in its terms and conditions. However, 5paisa charges interest rates on the margin amount loaned at 18% per annum calculated monthly. The interest will keep accruing until it is paid. So, the more you delay, the more interest you have to pay.

5paisa margin funding is a loan like a facility backed by collateral. The collateral, in this case, is the securities (stocks, derivatives etc.) brought in a margin funded trade. As per the 5 paisa margin trading facility terms and conditions-

  1. While activating the 5paisa margin trading facility, the client will authorize 5paisa to keep securities bought under the margin funding as collateral. All corporate benefits from the pledged securities such as bonuses, dividends etc., will also be pledged as collateral till the funded margin amount is repaid by the client.
  2. 5paisa allows changing the securities for collateral. So, if you bought Reliance shares in Margin funding Facility and the shares are pledged as collateral then you can replace it with stocks (of the same category) owned by you. The market value of the shares must be equal.
  3. 5paisa reserves the rights to sell the securities in case of non-payment of margin amount.

Excerpt From 5Paisa Margin Trading Terms & Conditions

  • By agreeing to avail Margin Trading Facility with 5paisa, client is deemed to have authorized 5paisa to retain and/or pledge the securities provided as collateral or purchased under the Margin Trading Facility and any corporate benefit thereon, if any, till the amount due in respect of the said transaction including the dues to 5paisa is paid in full by the client.
  • The client has a right to change the securities collateral offered for Margin Trading Facility at any time with prior notice in writing to 5paisa so long as the securities so offered are approved for margin trading facility.
  • 5paisa may immediately without any notice liquidate the security/collateral and or close out the position in the happening of the following events:
    • if any instrument for payment of Margin Money / Monies is/are dishonoured.


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