IDBI Capital Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

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Margin trading is one of the key offerings of IDBI Capital. The company offers 2 margin products E-margin and Margin to help its customers trade more with limited funds.

IDBI Capital Margin Trading Facility

E- Margin- It is a margin trading facility wherein IDBI customers can buy stocks today &  pay- up-to 5 days from the date of settlement of the trade.

Features of IDBI E-Margin Trading Facility

  • Hold stocks till T+7 days and make a profit from any price appreciation of the stocks
  • Pay only a small percentage of the trade value

Key Points To Note

  • A delayed interest is charged at 0.06% per day on the outstanding amount
  • Trade needs to be converted to delivery or squared off by 14:30 hours on T+7 trading day

Margin- It is a normal leverage facility wherein you can buy select stocks by paying 25% of the total trade value.

Features of IDBI Margin Facility

  • Take a position up to 4 times the available funds.
  • Pay the rest of the trade value on the following trading day or square off the trade.
  • Take advantage of BTST ( BUY TODAY SELL TOMORROW ) calls.

IDBI Capital Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity DeliveryNil
Equity IntradayUpto 4x
Equity FutureNil
Equity OptionNil
Currency FutureNil
Currency OptionNil
Commodity FutureNil
Commodity Option

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