ICICI Direct Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

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* Margin Policy Update

As per the SEBI circular dated November 19, 2019, starting from September 01, 2021, brokers cannot offer additional margin (i.e. 20x) in any segment including intra-day at BSE, NSE and MCX. The margin is now decided by the exchange and remains the same for all brokers. For all intraday product types i.e. MIS, BO, CO trades, the leverage will be the same which is the VAR+ELM margin. Visit New margin requirements in India Stock Market to know more.

ICICIdirect is a part of ICICI Securities. It provides trading as well as investment services. Sharekhan customers can trade in Equity, Derivatives and Currency. Besides, customers can invest in Mutual Funds & SIP, Bonds and IPO. ICICIdirect has a customer base of over 2.6 million traders. It has over 200 ICICIdirect Stores spread across 87 locations in India.

ICICIdirect offers a 3-in-1 account. It integrates your trading, demat and a bank account. This helps in smooth transactions and real-time transfer of funds.

ICICIdirect customers have many trading platforms to choose as per their convenience. The can trade using-

  • ICICI Direct Website
  • TradeRacer (a desktop trading software)
  • ICICIdirect App (available for Android, iPhone and Windows 8 devices)
  • Call N Trade (Place orders by calling ICICI customer care numbers)

ICICI Direct offers its customers research-based financial advice on all asset classes. The expert team regularly publishes reports on market, economy and stocks. The team also conducts technical analysis and provides stock tips to its customers. It has won the CNBC Awaaz 'Most preferred brand of financial advisory services' in 2007.

ICICIdirect Exposure Limit

ICICI Direct offers 2 products, Margin and Margin Plus to customers. These are intraday products wherein you buy and sell the stock on the same day. The securities you trade cannot be held the next day.

What is Margin?

Margin is a product offered for intraday trading. The margin required is as low as 2% of the trade value. It also allows you the flexibility of converting the intraday trade to a delivery trade. So, if you foresee more profits in your position then you can convert it to a delivery. And can keep the stocks for as long as you wish.

What is Margin Plus?

Margin Plus is another intraday margin exposure given by ICICIdirect. You can trade with margins as low as 0.25%. It gives you leverage as big as 300 times. Trades under Margin Plus requires you to put a Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) and a target price. This is to protect losses in the trade. The trade will automatically square off on reaching the set SLTP and Trigger price.

What is the difference between Margin and Margin Plus?

Margin vs Margin Plus


Margin Plus

Margin required is as low as 2% of the trade value.

Margin required is as low as 0.25% of the trade value.

Intraday trades cannot be converted to delivery.

Intraday trades can be converted to delivery.

It doesn't require traders to set SLTP and Trigger Price.

Trades under Margin Plus requires SLTP and Trigger price to protect losses.

Brokerage in Margin and Margin Plus under I-Saver and I-Secure Plans

The brokerage rates for margin trading under I-Saver Plan and I-Secure Plans is same.

Brokerage in Margin & Margin Plus

Total Turnover per month

Brokerage (%)

More than Rs. 20 Crores


Rs.10 Crores to 20 Crores


Rs.5 Crores to 10 Crores


Less than Rs.5 Crores


The above rates are applicable only for trades more than Rs 50,000. For trades below Rs 50,000, you will be charged the lower of Rs 25 or 2.5% of the trade value.

ICICIdirect Margin Policy- Key Points to Note

  1. The exposure given by ICICIdirect is applicable only for intraday trading. Delivery trades doen't have margin facility.
  2. To convert intraday trades using margin to delivery trades, you need to pay the total trade value.
  3. While placing a margin order, you need to choose a Square off Mode. You have 2 options, client and broker mode. In client mode, you can open your buy position to remain open for T+2 days. It only offers the Buy position. In broker mode, you need to square off the position before the market closes. Else the  system will automatically square off  the position.
  4. IIt is the trader's responsibility to close all open positions under margins. If the position doesn't get automatically squared off then you may have to arrange funds or securities to settle the position.
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ICICI Direct Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity Delivery5x (margin funding)
Equity Intraday
Equity Future
Equity Option
Currency Future
Currency Option
Commodity Future
Commodity Option
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