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Exposure is the money in the trading account for trading in Intraday and Derivatives (F&O). Exposure is also known as Margin or Limit.

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If you want to trade for Intraday or in Derivative segments then you need Exposure. It simply means the Value of Shares you can trade with your money. Exposure varies from 1-15 times depending upon the category of the scrip.

For example, if a broker provides up to 15 times Exposure. It means you can trade up to Rs. 1.5 Lacs with only Rs. 10000 as Margin.

Each broker offers different exposure for the same trading instrument. It depends on the risk broker is willing to take. Higher exposure results into higher risk for the broker. Stock exchange sets the limit of minimum exposure needed for particular scrip.

Note: The words exposure, leverage, margin, and limit are sometimes used for the same purpose though they have a slightly different meaning.

Zerodha Exposure

The exposure offered by Zerodha, the leading stock broker in India:

Zerodha Exposure


Exposure / Leverage

Equity Delivery - Buy Orders

1x (100% cash is required)

Equity Intraday Trading - Stocks on which F&O trading is allowed

5x to 20x Exposure

Equity Intraday Trading – All other stocks

5x Exposure

Equity & Index Futures – Intraday Trading

40% of NRML (Normal) Margin

Commodity Futures – Intraday Trading

50% of NRML (Normal) Margin

Currency Futures – Intraday Trading

50% of NRML (Normal) Margin

Options Trading

1x (100% cash is required)

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