Good Till Cancelled Order (GTC)

Good Till Cancelled or GTC order allows you to place an order which remains in brokers trading system until it get executed, cancelled manually or order expiry date reaches.

GTC order is used for placing a buy/sell order when an investor wants a trade to get executed at the desired price for the desired quantity. GTC order once placed is valid until the order gets executed or cancelled. However, most of the brokers ask the investor to limit the timeframe until which the GTC orders can be kept open.


  • Zerodha offers Good Till Triggered (GTT) order which is equivalent to GTC order.
  • Some brokers also call them Good till Date (GTD) order.
  • This is an advance order type that is offered only by a few brokers.
  • Brokers also limit GTC orders to the Equity Delivery segment.
  • GTC orders can be cancelled manually at any time.
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