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S No Question Feedback Count
1What is PAN or Permanent Account Number or PAN Card?13
2Is PAN Card mandatory for applying in IPO?3
3Can minor apply for pan card?8
4I have a PAN Card. Is it compulsory for me to file taxes?1
5How do I apply for a PAN Card?0
6How much does it cost to get a new PAN Card, change in PAN Card Information or receive another copy of PAN Card?2
7How long does it take to get PAN Card?2173
8What all documents require for applying PAN Card?0
9How many demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card?6
10Is PAN number required for NRI's to purchase public issue shares? If not what are the alternate requirements?0
11How do I track my PAN Card Application?1
12How many pan cards can a person hold?0
13A person is having two demat account with single pan card, can he apply for ipo from both the accounts ?2
14Do I have to reapply for a PAN when move or transfer from one city to another?0
15Is my photo printed on pan card?3
16Can a NRI apply for PAN card in India?0
17Can I print my duplicate PAN card at home using PAN number?26
18How can I check the status of my PAN Card?1
19My friend have no parents or guardian (orphan). Can he apply for PAN Card?0
20How to apply PAN Card of a minor? Who should sign in the form; child or parent? Whose photo should affix in form; child or parent?23
21What is the process to change the name and date of birth on PAN Card? How much does it cost?380
22How much does it cost for correction in PAN Card?44
23Whether photo is affixed in a minors PAN Card?0
24How do I get my photo corrected or changed in PAN Card?0
25Is it mandatory for a minor to apply for PAN Card for opening a bank account?2
26In how many days we can get pan number?1
27Can I sign on my minor childs photography on form PAN Card Application Form (49A)?0
28How long does it take to generate new PAN Card since once rejected due to documents issue?1
29In case minor applying for PAN Card, what proofs he has to submit?0
30My minor daughter has a PAN Card without photo, now she has become adult, how she may get it with photo?0
31What are the proof need to apply PAN Card?0
32In how many days can I get my PAN Card number if the status is 'Your application is under process' at Income Tax Department?883
33Can a student get a PAN Card having age of 15 years old?43
34Can 90 years old person apply for the PAN Card?0
35Whose photo has to be pasted and who should sign on the photo for minors PAN Card?0
36What proof are required for minor to applying for PAN Card? Is minor himself eligible to sign on the form or his guardian/parents will sign over it? 0
37Do I have to apply for 'change in residential address' if I moved to new place?0
38Why photo is not affixed on my 17 years old daughter's PAN Card?0
39Whose photo to be attached for applying for PAN Card for minor?0
40I received my minor daughter PAN Card without photo. How to get printed the photo on PAN Card? 0
41I am 17 years old. On my PAN Card photo will be of mine or my representative?1
42I have PAN Card since 2004 but I never used that card now I make new or that will work?1
43My PAN Card is lost. What is the next step to get a duplicate or another card? Should I apply for new card?8
44What is the procedure in order to have my photo on PAN Card?0
45I want to change my name from Laxmi D to Laxmi P. How much does it cost and when will I receive my changed PAN Cards?0
46Is it compulsory to provide PAN Card for availing locker facility from a bank?0
47Is it possible to rectify PAN Card information (i.e. name, address) without changing the PAN Number?2
48I have my permanent account number with me but I have misplaced my card. I have applied for passport so does this number is of any use to me or should I have to apply for the PAN CARD all over again?0
49Is Aadhaar Card is sufficient for applying as both personal identity proof as well as personal address proof, for applying PAN Card?2
50Can my wife apply for PAN card with supporting documents which has her previous surname (before marriage)?4
51Can we get PAN Card number before we receive the PAN Card?29
52Does company have a PAN Card? What are the rules and regulation regarding apply PAN Card for a company?1
53Is UID card is valid for proof of address/school ID card is valid for address proof (address is mentioned on card) and for identity proof birth certificate?0
54I have applied for a PAN Card and got the number via sms. How many days does it takes to get the physical card?8
55Is it necessary to produce a copy of PAN Card or only informing the PAN Card number is sufficient for tax assessment?0
56Can a tourist regularly visiting India apply for a PAN Card?0
57I have a PAN Card but when I am registering on with my PAN number, its showing invalid PAN after verification. What does this mean, and how can I validate my PAN Card?0
58How long (in years) a company PAN Number is valid for?0
59Can I be paid salary from a network marketing company and from the company from where I will be doing job after college by the same PAN Card?0
60Is there any format for certificate of identity from gazetted officer to apply for PAN Card?0
61Can I use marriage certificate as proof of identity and my electricity bill as proof of address?0
62What are the documents to be submitted for Proprietorship concern and partnership concern for obtain the PAN Card?1
63What is the minimum age for applying a PAN Card?0
64Do i need new PAN Card to open a new paypal account0
65I have got two PAN Cards. How do return or close the duplicate PAN Card?115
66Is PAN Card mandatory for opening a salary account in any bank?0
67Can any changes be made in the details of my PAN Card like change of date of birth?0
68I am applying for a PAN Card. I would like the card to be mailed to an address different than the one on my current passport. Is it possible?0
69Does PAN Card necessary for all citizens of India?0
70Can I apply PAN Card in the name of legal heir of my late mother's name?0
71Can PAN Card can be issued to one year child or not?0
72Can I get a photo copy of my PAN Card? I have lost my PAN Card and the photo copies too? I am applying for the reissue but in the meanwhile I require a copy.15
73For investment in Mutual Funds on behalf of minor, is this necessary to have PAN of minor? Can I change the status of minor's PAN when it attaining majority? If yes, than what is the procedure to change it?0
75My PAN Card was posted to my residence. But since I was not there, it returned. Whom should I contact?668
76Can I take PAN Card personally from income tax office? Sometimes due to address problem mails does not reach me in time.1
77After marriage can I use the pancard which has my father's name on it?7
78How to change photo on a PAN Card?9
79Can I add the alias name on PAN Card? 3
80What is the maximum length of Name on PAN Card? 0
81Can Ration Card be used as ID Proof for applying PAN Card?0
82Is PAN Card must for depositing more than 50000 in a bank account?0
83How do I dematerialize shares I bought with different name and signature on PAN Card?3
84Why PAN Card is compulsory to open demat account?1
85What is the process to fix the spelling mistake in my father's name on PAN Card?41
86Can I change my PAN Card number?28
87How to cancel PAN Card after death?3
88My father has expired. Can I transfer his pan number to my mothers name?1
89How much time it takes for name correction in pan card?71
90Is it mandatory to possess a PAN card for opening trading and Demat accounts?1