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Wisdom Capital App Review (Mobile Trading App Demo, Guide, Charges & Download Links)

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Wisdom Capital is an online discount broker offering Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity segments. The stock broker also offers financial planning services to its customers.

Wisdom Capital offers trading platforms for all types of investors. It also offers Wisdom Data Feed at a discounted rate for software like Amibroker, MetaTrader 4 and Meta Stock. The company offers the following online trading software to its customers-

  1. Trade Eye- Mobile Trading App
  2. Nest Trader- Desktop Trading Software
  3. Fox Trader- Desktop Terminal
  4. Wisdom Pro Trading App- Mobile Trading App
  5. Wisdom Trade- Online Trading Website

1. Trade Eye- Mobile Trading App

Wisdom Capital offers Trade Eye mobile app registered with Ashlar to trade in BSE, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX exchange. It is a smartphone application available only for android users.

Key Features of Trade Eye

  • A lightweight application to use with your mobile internet
  • Designed for Android users along with touch features
  • Facility to add multiple market watches
  • Check positions in the trade book and order book
  • Access multiple charts and use technical indicator tools
  • Can place aftermarket order

Download Trade Eye Mobile App

The Trade Eye Mobile App can be downloaded from the company's website. To download Trade Eye Mobile App, you need to-

  • Visit the official website of Wisdom Capital
  • Click on trading platform option available in the main menu bar
  • Choose downloads from the drop-down list
  • Click on second option Trading Software from the left-hand side list
  • Click on Mobile Trading App Download option
  • Download and install the application from google play store in your smartphone

2. Nest Trader

Nest Software is a desktop-based trading terminal offered by Wisdom Capital. You can enjoy real-time analysis and do high-speed trading from home or your office.

Key Features of Nest Trader

  • Multiple trading tools for technical analysis
  • Create multiple Marketwatch lists
  • Track the performance of stocks with different parameters
  • Market scanners to get a complete market overview
  • Effective charts for technical and fundamental analysis to get better results
  • Active risk management system to monitor, hold reports and execute trades

Get Nest Trader Demo

The Nest Trader Demo is useful in helping Wisdom Capital customers understand the various features of the software. To watch Nest Trader Demo, you need to-

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on trading platform tab
  • Click on the Demo button available under Nest Trader description
  • Watch the video

Steps to Download Nest Trader

Nest Trader is downloadable trading software. To download Nest Trader, you need to take the following steps-

  • On the Wisdom Capital trading platform page, click on the Nest Trader Download option
  • Clicking on the link will open the download page
  • Click on Trading Software from the list at the left side
  • Download Nest Software from the list for your desktop

3. Fox Trader

Fox Trader offers some of the most advanced features to traders. The trading software is a perfect choice for day to day traders. It comes equipped with all the modern features to make the trading process easy for all types of investors.

Key Features of Fox Trader

  • Multiple scanners with 300+ studies and 200+ signals to analyze and understand the past data
  • Integrated with semi-automatic order book to place order as per your preferred strategy
  • Get faster monitoring of market by chart analysis and order execution
  • Complete market scanning and monitoring stocks, commodities and options
  • Elaborated analysis of scrip with end-of-day technical analysis feature

Get Fox Trader Demo

The Fox Trader Demo is useful in helping customers understand the various features of the software. To watch Fox Trader Demo, you need to-

  • Visit Wisdom Capital website
  • Click on Trading Platform tab on the home page
  • Click on Demo for Fox Trader

4. Wisdom Pro Trading App

It is an advanced mobile trading application for all types of investors. All the required features from beginners to advanced level traders have been added in this app. Users can utilize zero brokerage plans and leverage up to 60 times with Wisdom Pro application.

Key Features of Wisdom Pro

  • Provides fast trade execution facility
  • Market scanners and more than nine technical charts
  • Zero brokerage in equity, F&O, MCX in freedom plan
  • Watch the real market movements
  • Access trades, net positions and order history anytime
  • Enjoy top speed even on lowest bandwidth
  • 100+ technical indicators to make analysis easy
  • Make quick order book update and trade placement

Download Wisdom Pro App

The Wisdom Pro App is downloadable software. To Download Wisdom Pro App, you need to-

  • Visit Wisdom Capital website
  • Click on Trading Platform tab
  • Look for Download button under Wisdom Pro description
  • Clicking on the button will open google play store
  • Install & download Wisdom Pro App

5. Wisdom Trade

Wisdom Trade is a web-based trading platform that can be accessed from any browser. You will need your login credentials to access this platform.

Key Features of Wisdom Trade

  • Can view even the past order history in the order book
  • Multiple technical charts to analyse the stock
  • More than 200 technical indicators to access market and individual scrip
  • Create multiple watchlists of your favourite scripts


Wisdom Capital offers several technology-driven advanced trading platforms for beginners to expert traders. All the platforms are available online. You can also utilise data feed and financial planning services offered by the broker. Semi and fully automated trading platforms are also available for the traders.

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