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Tradejini Account Opening Charges 2021

Tradejini account opening charges are Rs 300 for a trading account and Rs 0 for Demat account. Tradejini charge Rs 300 AMC for Demat account.

Trading Account Opening ChargesRs 300
Account AMC ChargesRs 0
Demat Account Opening ChargesRs 0
Demat AMC (Yealy)Rs 300

Incorporated in 2012, Tradejini Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a discount brokerage company. It offers trading and depository services to resident and non-resident Indians. The company also offers mutual fund services to its customers.

Tradejini offers retail trading services in equity, currency, commodity and derivatives segments. It is popular for its Rs 20 brokerage fee per trade irrespective of the trade volume.

Tradejini provides its customers access to 2 popular platforms NEST and NSE NOW. NEST trading platform was originally developed by Omnesys Technologies. The platform is currently owned by Thomsons Reuters. NSE NOW is a platform owned by National Stock Exchange. The platforms enable trading across NSE, BSE, MCX and MSEI.

Key Facts about Tradejini

  • A growing 6-year-old startup
  • Member of SEBI, NSE,BSE,MCX and MSEI
  • Depository Participant with CDSL
  • 2800+ crores Daily turnover
  • Offers good trading platforms (NEST and NSE NOW)
  • Charges flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per executed order or 0.1% of Turnover whichever is lower
  • Offers access to Jiniversity, an online resource to learn on trading and investments

Product Offered by Tradejini Financial Services

  • Online Trading
    • Equity Trading at BSE, NSE
    • Commodities Trading at MCX
    • Currency Trading at NSE
  • Depository Services (Demat Account)

Tradejini Account Opening

You can open an account with Tradejini in 3 ways-

  1. Online Account Opening - Go through the online EKYC process. Enter the necessary information. Print and courier the document to the company along with necessary supporting documents.
  2. Fill an online form - Visit Tradejini website. Fill an online form by entering your name, mobile number and email id. A company representative will call you back within 4 hours to help you apply for an account.
  3. Contact Customer Support - Call their customer support. They will send you the account opening form at your address. Fill and courier the form along with the required documents.
  4. Download Form and Send - Visit the broker website. Download the 'Trading Cum Demat Application' form under downloads>Forms. Fill it, sign, attach all requested documents and courier it to the address mentioned in the form.

Documents needed for account opening

As a retail individual, you need to provide the following documents to open the account:

  1. Self-attested Copy of AADHAR Card
  2. Self-attested Copy of PAN Card
  3. Self-attested Copy of Address Proof
  4. Latest 6 months Bank Statement
  5. 1 Canceled Cheque

You may have to provide income proof for trading in trade in derivative segments.

Check Account Opening Status

It takes up to 48 hours to activate an account after the company receives the application. You cannot check account opening status online. To check the account opening status, please call customer services.

Tradejini Account Opening PDF Forms

Tradejini offers online account opening which is fast and convenient. But, if for some reason, you want to download the PDF form then you can do it by visiting Tradejini's website.

Tradejini Account Closure Form

Tradejini offer trading and demat accounts. If you don't need these accounts, you should close it as you have to pay annual maintenance charges.

Before you request the account closure, please make sure that:

  1. You have emptied your demat account and moved all your holdings.
  2. Close all open F&O positions.
  3. There are no dues with the broker.

Please note that:

  1. You cannot close the account via online/email/call.
  2. You need to submit an application form to close the account.
  3. All account holders on the account have to sign on the account closing form.

Steps to Close Tradejini Account

  1. Download PDF 'Account Closure Form' from its website. It is available under 'Download > Forms> Modification Forms'
  2. Print, fill and sign the account closure form.
  3. Attach requested documents.
  4. Sent it to the Tradejini office.

The company will transfer any balance funds to your bank account. It is advisable that you follow-up for account closure with the customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How long does it take to open an account with Tradejini?

    You can open the online account within hours if you are eKYC compliant. In the case of the signed paper forms sent to the company, the account opening takes 48 hours of receiving the form.


  2. 2. What are documents required for account opening with Tradejini?

    You need to submit following self-attested documents:

    • Aadhaar Card
    • PAN Card
    • Proof of Address
    • Latest 6 months Bank Statement
    • Cancelled Cheque


  3. 3. Who can open an account with Tradejini?

    All resident Indians and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can open an account with Tradejini.


  4. 4. How do I know if my trading account is opened with Tradejini?

    You will receive a welcome email on opening and activation of your account. The email will provide the login credentials and instructions on operating the account.


  5. 5. Do I need to maintain any balance in my Tradejini trading account?

    No, there is no need to maintain any balance in the trading account. You can move the money as per your trading needs and withdraw funds from the account.


  6. 6. Can I open only a trading account with Tradejini?

    Yes, you can open only a trading account if you only wish to trade in derivatives. For trading in stocks, commodities and currency, you need to open a trading and demat account.


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