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Indira Securities uses the ODIN trading platform. Build by 63 moons technologies, ODIN is among the most stable and popular trading platform available in India. ODIN is used by many large full-service and discount stock brokers in India.

Indira Securities offers following trading software's to its customers:

  1. (Website)
  2. ODIN Diet (Installable Trading Terminal)
  3. TradeInsta (Mobile Trading App)
  4. MF Planet (Mutual Fund Investment)

1. (Website) is an online trading website. It allows customers to trade from any device using the web browser. The trading website is intuitive and rich in features. Key features of Indira Securities trading website are:

  • Real-time multi-exchange, multi-segment access
  • Single and Multi-Leg Order Entry
  • Bulk Order Entry
  • Multiple order types e.g. Bracket order
  • Order & Portfolio tracking
  • Real-time Charts
  • Invest in Mutual Fund & IPO
  • Offer For Sale (OFS)
  • Access research reports
  • Access webinars, videos and knowledge center
  • Customized alerts and notifications

2. ODIN Diet (Desktop Trading Terminal)

ODIN Diet is a fast, stable, and powerful trading platform for trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. This trading terminal is equipped with the ability to place multiple order types with complex order processing capabilities.

Key features

  • Multiple asset classes, segments & international exchanges supported
  • Unlimited Cross-asset Market Watch
  • Data-driven decision making. Fundamentals, technical, news & Client informatics
  • Charting across multiple asset class and time periods with 100+ indicators
  • Extensive back-testing and optimization
  • Instant updates on order status, open positions, MTM etc
  • Facility to place orders from the watchlist
  • Shortcut keys for fast trading
  • Invest in Mutual Fund, IPO and Offer for Sale (OFS)
  • Real-time streaming quotes with industry benchmark price updates




ODIN Diet Download

The ODIN Diet desktop trading platform can be downloaded and installed on a laptop or a desktop.

Steps To Download ODIN Diet Software

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on 'Downloads' on the top menu
  3. Click on 'Diet' on the left menu
  4. Download & install the software

ODIN Diet Online Demo

The ODIN Diet desktop trading platform offers many useful features and terminal-like trading experience. You may need assistance in understanding the various features of the ODIN Diet trading software to use it optimally.

While the ODIN Diet demo is not available on the Indira Securities website, you can watch a demo from other stock brokers on YouTube. The features offered are the same so there won't be much difference in understanding how the platform works.

3. TradeInsta Mobile App

TradeInsta is a free mobile app for trading. It allows traders to keep a tab on the markets and trade from anywhere. This mobile trading app offers a range of features like Research Calls, Live Market Updates, Stock Market News, Scanners, Fundamental & Technical Score, Fundamental & Technical View, Portfolio Optimizer, Live TV, Back Office, Learning, Market Overview, Charts, Notes, Watchlist and many more.

The app also helps you in opening an online account.

Key features

  • Open FREE Demat account in just 15 mins.
  • Place buy/sell orders across securities and exchanges
  • Dashboard to give you a complete view of your investments
  • 300+ scanners
  • Fundamental & Technical score
  • Notes to share your trading views with other members
  • Access to Intraday charts and other charting tools
  • Get live streaming quotes on your stocks and contracts
  • Access to your demat account holdings
  • Know limits, total margin and funds available on your account
  • View and monitor your investment portfolio
  • Get real-time updates on your investments

TradeInsta Mobile App Download

The Indira Securities mobile is available for free to iPhone and Android smartphone users using links below:

TradeInsta Mobile App Demo

The TradeInsta mobile app brings all essential trading features on your mobile device. Indira Securities offers a mobile app demo video to help customers understand the various features and capabilities of mobile software. Watch the TradeInsta demo video here.

4. MF Planet

MF Planet is an online mutual fund platform by RED Vision Computer Technologies. MF Planet is available in a mobile app and a website format.

Key Features

  • Buy, Sell, SIP, switch mutual funds within a few clicks.
  • Zero fees charged
  • Track investment portfolio with daily auto-update of NAV and dividends.
  • Goal-based investment facility
  • Easy update and tracking of Wealth portfolio including insurance and FD.
  • Get research & calculators to estimate your investments.
  • Get updates on previous transactions and upcoming transactions.
  • And many more exciting features that are need of every investor.
  • 'Robo Advisory' to select the right funds
  • 'MutualFund Baskets' a group of funds created using algorithms
  • Check latest and historical NAVs of funds
  • Get account statement and capital gains statement
  • Access to a range of Mutual Fund calculators and planners
  • Connect customer support through email or call


Indira Securities offers industry-standard ODIN trading platform for trading at BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. You could choose web, mobile and desktop applications based on our comfort. The company also supports Algo trading. They also offer advanced Mutual Funds investment platform MF Planet.

Indira Securities Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get FREE equity delivery trading and pay flat Rs 20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. Also get FREE online account opening, research and personalised services through dedicated RM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How do Indira Securities works?

    Indira Securities is a stock broker offering online as well as offline trading services at BSE, NSE, and MCX. Its online trading plan offers trading at a low flat fee brokerage of Rs 20 per executed order across all segments. Indira Securities also offers Mutual Fund investment and IPO application services for free of charges.

    Indira Securities customers can use the mobile app, website and desktop trading terminal software to trade/invest in the stock market. The trading software is offered for free to all the customers.

    Steps to trade with Indira Securities

    1. Open a 2-in-1 account (trading & demat account).
    2. Link it with your existing bank account.
    3. Transfer funds from your bank to the trading account.
    4. Log in to its trading platform (website or mobile app).
    5. Search for the Stock or F&O contract of your choice.
    6. Place buy/sell orders.
    7. The shares will be credited to your demat account in T+2 days.


  2. 2. How to start trading with Indira Securities?

    You can start trading with Indira Securities by opening a 2-in-1 account (trading and demat). These accounts are linked with your existing savings bank account. Once the account is opened, you can transfer funds from your bank to the trading account, log in to any of the trading software (desktop, website or mobile apps) and place buy/sell orders in equity, currency, commodity, derivatives etc. You could also buy Mutual Funds or apply in IPO using the same account.


  3. 3. How to use the Indira Securities website? is the official website of Indira Securities. The website provides you with detailed information on the various services provided by the broker. It also offers online trading and investment in Stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds and IPO.

    Services offered by Indira Securities website

    • Instant online account opening (paperless)
    • Trade at NSE, BSE & MCX.
    • Buy Mutual Funds and invest in IPO.
    • Download installable trading terminal and mobile app.
    • Download various forms related to account opening/modification/closure etc.
    • Access to the company's blog covering various aspects of the stock market and investing
    • Access to the customer support portal for help.


  4. 4. How to buy shares on Indira Securities?

    You can buy shares on Indira Securities using any of the online trading platforms. Indira Securities offers 3 trading software's for online trading:

    1. ODIN Diet (Installable trading terminal)
    2. com (Trading website)
    3. TradeInsta (Mobile trading app)

    You need to first open a 2-in-1 account with the company and link it to your savings bank account. Once the account is opened, you will be able to buy shares on Indira Securities

    Steps to buy shares on Indira Securities

    1. Login to Indira Securities Mobile App or website.
    2. Transfer funds to your trading account from your bank account.
    3. Search for the desired stock or contract using the search box
    4. Enter order details like quantity, price and order type.
    5. Place buy order to the stock exchange.
    6. Check the status of your order in the Order Status page.

    On successful order execution, the shares will be credited to your Indira Securities demat account in T+2 days and funds will be withdrawn from your trading account.


  5. 5. How to sell shares on Indira Securities?

    Indira Securities offers online as well as offline buying/selling of shares. You can sell shares using one of the 3 trading software offered by the broker. You could also visit their branch or sub-broker office or even call them to sell the shares.

    Steps to sell shares using Indira Securities

    1. Log in to Indira Securities website or mobile app
    2. Go to 'Net Position' that lists all your open positions
    3. Click on the desired share you want to sell.
    4. Click on the 'Sell' button
    5. Confirm the order.
    6. Check the status of your order on the 'Order Book'.


Contact Indira Securities / Request Call Back

FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage free equity delivery trading (no commission) + Flat Rs 20 Intra-day and F&O trades.

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