Indira Securities Mutual Fund Review

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Indira Securities offers Mutual Fund services through MF Planet, an online mutual fund platform. It offers regular mutual funds from different fund houses to its customers. The company charges zero fees for its MF services from customers.

MF Planet is available in the website as well as Mobile App format. The MF Planet mobile app is designed to invest on-the-go.

The company has a fast paperless account opening process. It also offers a family account wherein all the investments of Family members are consolidated in one place thereby ensuring easy monitoring.

Note: Unlike most discount stock brokers, Indira Securities doesn't offer direct mutual funds.

Key Features of Indira Securities MF

  • Purchase, redeem, and switch mutual funds easily
  • Invest either through SIP or lumpsum mode of investment
  • Invest across equity, debt and hybrid categories
  • Robo Advisory, an algorithm-driven recommendation tool
  • MutualFund Baskets a group of funds created using intelligent algorithms
  • Dedicated MF Planet Mobile app for easy investments in the mutual fund
  • Access to MF calculators like SIP Planner, Monthly Investment Need and Systematic Withdrawal Plan
  • Goal-based investment process
  • Get Account and Capital gains Statement

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

To start investing with Indira Securities Mutual Fund, you have to login as a new customer and register with Indira Securities MF.

Register with Indira Securities Mutual Fund in Four Steps:

  1. Visit website
  2. Click on the 'Login/Register' button on the top right side
  3. Click on 'Signup to start investing' at the bottom
  4. Enter basic details like name, email, mobile number and PAN number etc.

Note: If you are already a KYC register, you only need to create a new folio with Indira Securities. After successfully registering, you can login with your registered email ID and login password.

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Investment Platforms

Indira Securities allows investing in mutual fund schemes through the MF Planet website and mobile app. The schemes offered for all the platforms are the same. Here are the investment platforms offered by Indira Securities Mutual Fund schemes:

1. Indira Securities MF Planet Mobile App

MF Planet app helps Mutual Fund investors to manage their investments and easily perform transactions from anywhere. It also has informative videos to help investors in choosing Indira Securities Mutual Fund schemes.

Key Features of Indira Securities Mutual Fund mobile app:

  • Buy, sell and switch mutual fund units
  • Robo Advisory to select the right funds
  • Invest in MutualFund Baskets, a basket of funds created using algorithms
  • Goal-based investments with a range of schemes
  • Check latest and historical NAVs
  • Intuitive portfolio feature to improve efficiency and diversification of your portfolio
  • Get account statement and capital gains statement
  • Access to SIP and Monthly Investment Need planners
  • Connect customer support through email or call

Download Indira MF Planet Mobile App

Indira Securities MF Planet Mobile App is only available for Android smartphone users. It is not available for iPhone users currently. The free app can be downloaded with the following steps:

  • Visit Google play/ App store
  • Search for MF Planet App
  • Click on install to download the app
  • Login to invest

Steps to invest in Indira Securities Mutual Fund SIP

  • Login to the App
  • Click on the menu burger or 3 horizontal lines next to the bell icon
  • Click on Transact Now and then Invest
  • Choose an Indira Securities Mutual Fund scheme
  • Click on choose a fund and add the details
  • Choose SIP or lumpsum as an investment mode
  • Click on Confirm to proceed

2. Indira Securities Mutual Fund Website

Indira Securities offers website to invest in Mutual Funds. This platform-independent website can be accessed from any phone on a computer that has a web browser. Indira Securities Mutual Fund Website has the same features as the mobile app.

Indira Securities Mutual Fund Customer Care

Indira Securities Mutual Fund provides offline and online assistance for customer support. It has various branches across different locations in India to provide offline assistance. Besides, you can contact the customer care through email, call and chat support.

For any mutual fund related queries:

  • Support Email:
  • Support Phone Number: 07089907928, 07314797263


  • Dedicated mutual fund platform MF Planet
  • Charges zero fees for MF services
  • Robo Advisory for selecting the right funds using algorithms
  • Access to MutualFund Baskets a group of funds created using intelligent algorithms
  • Plan your finances with goal-based investments


  • The mobile app is not available for Apple iPhone users.
  • It doesn't offer direct mutual funds.


Indira Securities Mutual Fund offers regular mutual fund schemes to its customer through MF Planet online platform as well as offline in branch offices. MF Planet has multiple tools for investors to choose and invest in SIP or lumpsum. But it doesn't offer direct mutual funds like Zerodha and 5paisa where investors can earn more profit due to low expense ratio. The company's mutual fund investment services are more suited to new investors who need assistance in selecting the right fund.

Indira Securities Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How is Indira Securities for mutual funds?

    Indira Securities offers a dedicated platform 'MF Planet' for online Mutual Fund services. The company offers regular mutual funds from several reputed mutual fund houses. The company charges zero fees and commissions for its online mutual fund services.

    You need to open an account in Indira Securities to invest in MF through it. It's a paperless account opening process. MF Planet is available as a website as well as a mobile app.

    Unlike other discount brokers Zerodha and 5paisa, Indira Securities doesn't offer direct mutual funds that offer higher returns in comparison to regular mutual funds. Investors can earn a 1 to 2% higher return in direct mutual funds due to low expense ratio.


  2. 2. How to buy Mutual Funds in MF Planet?

    You can buy mutual funds in the MF Planet website or MF Planet Mobile App. Both platforms are available for free.

    Steps to buy Mutual Funds in Indira Securities

    1. Login to your MF Planet Mobile App or Website.
    2. Transfer funds your bank account to Indira Securities.
    3. Search for the funds or choose from the recommended funds.
    4. Enter order details like the number of units, SIP or Lumpsum.
    5. Review and confirm your order.

    On successful order placement, the mutual fund units will be credited to your demat account.


  3. 3. How can I sell my mutual fund in Indira Securities?

    You can sell your mutual funds through the MF Planet website or mobile app. The mutual fund redemption can be done fully or partially.

    Steps to sell the mutual fund in Indira Securities

    1. Login to your MF Planet account on website or app
    2. Go to your 'Portfolio' page
    3. Select the fund you want to sell from your investments
    4. Enter order details like the number of units, price etc.
    5. Review and confirm your order

    Note: Some funds like tax-saving funds have a minimum lock-in period. You cannot sell or redeem these before the lock-in period. Please check if your mutual funds are eligible for redemption before placing an order.


Contact Indira Securities / Request Call Back

FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage free equity delivery trading (no commission) + Flat Rs 20 Intra-day and F&O trades.

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