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SMC Global Limited is a financial services company based in Delhi. The company offers broking and other distributed financial products to customers in India and abroad. SMC customers can use the online trading services of the company to trade in equity, currency, commodity and derivative across BSE, NSE and MCX etc. In addition to trading, SMC offers Depository services, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Business Loans and other financial products.

SMC Global was incorporated in 1990. Since then it has widened its presence across globally. It has its presence in over 500 cities in India and has a global office in Dubai. The company also has a huge network of sub-brokers and authorised agents spread across the company.

Key Facts about SMC Global

  • 25+ years of experience since 1990
  • More than 18 lakhs customers
  • Global footprint with offices in India and abroad
  • 2500+ sub-brokers and authorised agents
  • Assets Under Management (AUM) of Rs 3000 crore
  • 3000+ employees

SMC Global Branches

SMC Global has over 50 branch offices and 2500 sub-brokers spread across India. SMC Global also serves its customer through these branches. The website of SMC Global has a branch locator which helps in finding the SMC Global branch near you. To find the branch:

  1. Go to SMC website.
  2. Click on 'Contact Us' link on the top right side of the page.
  3. Click on 'Branch Locator' in the top down menu
  4. Choose your state, city and branch type to find the nearest branch near you

SMC Global Branch Locator

[[Google Map]]

Using the above branch locator you could find out:

  • SMC branches in Delhi
  • SMC branches in Mumbai
  • SMC branches in Chennai
  • SMC Global branches in Delhi
  • SMC Global Securities branches in Mumbai
  • SMC Global Securities Surat branch
  • SMC Global Securities ltd Pune branch
  • SMC Global Securities ltd Hyderabad branch

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