Best Broker for Intraday Trading

Best Broker for Intraday Trading in India - Margin, Tips

Intraday trading is among the most popular trading segment in India. Finding the best broker for intraday trading is challenging. Compare intraday brokerage and exposure margin for top stock brokers in India to find the best brokerage firm for intraday.

Intraday trading (or day trading) is buying and selling the stocks within the same trading day. In day trading, the trading positions (buy or sell) are closed before the market closes for the trading day. If the trader fails to close the position (reverse sell or buy the same stock in same quantity) by the agreed intraday square-off time, the broker forcefully square-off the open position. Intra-day trading is done in all the segments including Equity, Equity F&O, Currency F&O and Commodities F&O. The trader who does day trading is called Day Trader.

Best Online Broker for Intraday

All stock brokers offer day trading but to make day trading profitable, it requires a broker who has the following qualities:

  • Lowest brokerage (preferable flat rate brokerage with no minimum brokerage)
  • Higher intraday margin (exposure)
  • Trading platform for free (especially desktop trading terminal)
  • Research Reports
  • Excellent Customer Service

For more detail read Best Stock Broker for Day Trading.

Below table provides a set of information which can be used to find the best broker for intraday trading.

Best Brokerage Firm for Intraday Trading

Broker Review Brokerage (Eq Intraday) Exposure (Eq Intraday) Exposure (Eq Futures) Exposure (Eq Options)

Open Account
5paisa ReviewRs 20 per executed orderUp to 20xIntra-day: 3.5x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)Intra-day: 1x | Carry forward: 1x

Open Account
Achiievers ReviewRs 15Upto 8xUpto 3xNil
Aditya Birla Money

Open Account
Aditya Birla Money Review0.03%15x for A & B grp approved stock, up to 40X on selected Nifty 50 stocks for Trade 40X productUpto 3xNil
Alice Blue

Open Account
Alice Blue ReviewRs 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lowerIntraday: 20x | Bracket Order: 20x | Cover Order: NA | CNC-Delivery: 3xIntraday: 10x | Bracket Order: 20x | Cover Order: 20x | CNC-Delivery: 1xIntraday: Buy-3x Sell 10x | Bracket Order: NA | Cover Order: NA | CNC-Delivery: 1x
Anand Rathi

Open Account
Anand Rathi Review0.05% -0.015%Upto 10xUpto 2xUpto 2x for shorting
Angel Broking

Open Account
Angel Broking ReviewFlat Rs 20 per executed orderUpto 10xUpto 4x3x for shorting

Open Account
AxisDirect Review0.05%Upto 10x100% (1x)100% (1x)

Open Account
Beeline ReviewRs 18 per executed order10 times3 timesSelling: 3 times | Buying: 1 times

Open Account
Bonanza ReviewRs 18 per executed orderUpto 10xUpto 3xUpto 2x for shorting
Choice Broking

Open Account
Choice Broking Review0.02%Up to 20xUp to 5x1x (no margin) for Options buying and up to 10x for options selling
Dhani Stocks

Open Account
Dhani Stocks ReviewRs 0 (Free)Up to 16x (based on the stock)Intra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)Intra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)

Open Account
Edelweiss ReviewRs 10 per executed orderUp to 40x40xNil

Open Account
Finvasia ReviewRs 0up to 10x2x1x

Open Account
Fyers ReviewRs 20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lowerUp to 16x (based on the stock)Intraday - 4 Times, Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)Intraday Sell 4x, Intraday Buy with CO 1.3x, Intraday Buy without CO 1x, Carry forward - 1x
GCL Securities

Open Account
GCL Securities Review0.02%Up to 10x (based on stock)Intraday - Up to 10x, Carry forward - 100%(1x)Up to 10x (Sell) , Intraday (Buy) - Up to 1x, Carry forward - 100%

Open Account
Geojit Review0.03%Upto 10xNo additional leverageNo additional leverage

Open Account
Groww ReviewRs 20 per executed order or 0.05% whichever is lowerUp to 8x (based on the stock)NANA
HDFC Securities

Open Account
HDFC Securities Review0.05%Upto 20xNilNil
ICICI Direct

Open Account
ICICI Direct Review0.275%Upto 25x4x2x for shorting
IDBI Capital

Open Account
IDBI Capital Review0.05%Upto 4xNilNil
IIFL Securities

Open Account
IIFL Securities Review0.025%Upto 20xUpto 3x3x for shorting

Open Account
Indiabulls ReviewRs 0 (Free)Up to 5x (based on the stock)Intra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)Intra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x
Indira Securities

Open Account
Indira Securities Review0.01%Up to 10x (based on the stock)Intraday: 3x, Carry forward: 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)1x (no margin)

Open Account
iTradeOnline ReviewRs 20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lowerUpto 20x (based on the stock)Intraday - 25%(4x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)Intraday - 100%(1x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)

Open Account
Karvy Review0.03%Upto 20xUpto 4xUpto 4x for shorting
Kotak Securities

Open Account
Kotak Securities Review0.049% (both side)50 times12 to 15 timesSelling: 200 times | Buying: 10 times
Master Trust

Open Account
Master Trust ReviewRs 20 per executed orderUpto 16x6x
Motilal Oswal

Open Account
Motilal Oswal Review0.05% (both side)20x for Margin+ (Over 140 Stocks), 4x for other stocksUpto 3x for IntradayNo exposure
Nirmal Bang

Open Account
Nirmal Bang Review0.02%Upto 4xUpto 4xUpto 2x for shorting
Paytm Money

Open Account
Paytm Money ReviewR10 per executed order or 0.05% whichever is lowerUp to 7.5x (based on the stock)Intra-day: 3x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)Intra-day (Options Sell): 3x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)

Open Account
Prostocks ReviewRs 157x (Margin intraday sq off)2x1x (no margin)
Reliance Securities

Open Account
Reliance Securities Review0.04%Upto 10xUpto 3xNil

Open Account
Religare Review0.050% to 0.010%Upto 10xUpto 3xUpto 3x for shorting
RK Global

Open Account
RK Global ReviewRs 9 per executed orderUpto 8x to 10xUpto 5xUpto 5x

Open Account
RKSV ReviewRs 2020x6x4x for selling options, 1x on buying options

Open Account
RMoney ReviewRs 18 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower20x (5%) (Intraday Only)Stock Intraday 40x (2.5%), Index Intraday: 67x (1.5%)Stock Sell Intraday 40x (2.5%), Index Sell Intraday 67x (1.5%), Buy: No margin

Open Account
SAMCO ReviewRs 20 per executed orderNormal Orders: 3x to 15x | CO & BO: Up to 33xIntraday - 40%(2.5x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)Intraday - 40%(2.5x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)
SAS Online

Open Account
SAS Online ReviewRs 013x to 20x with CO (Intraday), 5x to 9x for MIS (Intraday)5x with CO (Intraday), 2x for MIS (Intraday)2x for selling 100% premium amount for buying
SBI Securities

Open Account
SBI Securities Review0.05%Upto 5xNilNil

Open Account
Sharekhan Review0.10%Upto 10x2x for IntradayNil
SMC Global

Open Account
SMC Global Review0.03%Upto 10x IntradayUpto 2xNA

Open Account
Stoxkart ReviewRs 15 (on profit trades only)Up to 15x | BO,CO: Up to 25xUp to 2x | BO,CO: Up to 7x1x (no margin)

Open Account
Tradejini ReviewRs 20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower10x with SL, 30x without SL2.5x with SL, 6x without SL2.5x with SL, 6x without SL

Open Account
Tradeplus Review0.01%Upto 33XIntraday leverage 2X | Cover Order Margin 3%Intraday Leverage of 2X

Open Account
TradeSmart ReviewRs 15 per executed order30x trading marginMIS: 3X | BO: 7X | CO: 7XMIS: 3X | BO: 7X | CO: 7X

Open Account
TradingBells ReviewRs 20 per trade10x for most scriptsIntraday: 3x | Carry: 1x1x

Open Account
Trustline Review0.02% (2 paisa)Up to 20xNSE: 2xNSE: 2x

Open Account
Upstox ReviewRs 20 per executed order or 0.05% whichever is lower5x2x2x

Open Account
Ventura Review0.03%Up to 8xUp to 3.33x for Nifty Futures and Up to 2x for Stock FuturesNil
Wisdom Capital

Open Account
Wisdom Capital ReviewRs 9 per executed order5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)5x to 20x (dependent on brokerage plan)5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Yes Securities

Open Account
Yes Securities Review0.05%(both Sides)Upto 5XUpto 3xUpto 3x for shorting

Open Account
Zerodha ReviewRs 20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lowerUp to 20x (based on the stock)Intraday - 40%(2.5x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)Intraday - 40%(2.5x), Carry forward - 100%(1x) of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)

For good intraday trading experience customer should look for:

  • Best broker for Intraday Tips,
  • Best broker for Intraday Margin,
  • Best broker platform for Intraday and
  • Best brokerage charges for intraday.

Pros & Cons of Day Trading

Advantages of Day TradingDisadvantages of Day Trading
  • Opportunity to make big profits with a small investment.
  • The broker offers a higher margin for day trading.
  • All trades are cleared on the same day. The trader doesn't have to worry about aftermarket events.
  • If you miss to square off the trade, the broker does that automatically.
  • The advance order types (bracket order, cover order) help in reducing the risks.
  • Discount stock brokers made the day trading very profitable.
  • High-risk trading instrument. The losses are enormous.
  • Trades are automatically squared-off on agreed time with a broker. This trade cannot be carried forward to the next day.
  • Day trading is a full-time job. It requires an in-depth understanding of stock trading.
  • Day trading is not for beginners.


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