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Stocks, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives


Kite 3.0, Kite mobile, Kite Connect API, Q, Coin, Sentinel, smallcase, Streak

Order Types

Limit, Market, StopLoss, StopLoss-Market

Zerodha Kite Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalNo
Online IPONo
Mutual FundsYes
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types6
Chart Indicators100
Charts in same window4

Kite 3.0 is a modernly designed online trading platform developed in-house by the company. The online platform is built using advanced technology to suit the needs of all types of investors. The platforms offer a range of features like charting tools, data widgets, integration with third-party apps etc., to make trading easy and fast.

Zerodha Kite Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Access to Quant for fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics
  • Integration with 3rd party apps. Kite allows you to integrate apps developed by its partners. Currently, it supports integration with smallbase and streak. Smallbase is India's first thematic based platform that facilitates thematic investing with a single click. Streak allows you to create, backtest and deploy algos without coding. In addition, it also gives you access to various APIs to build your own apps.
  • No option to invest in IPOs
  • Back office managed in a separate application 'Q'

Trading Platform Owner


Bengaluru based Zerodha started its operations in 2010. It is India's first flat fee discount broker. The company is one of the top volume contributors to exchanges with 8% daily retail trading volume to NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX. It has a daily turnover of over ₹10,000 crores.

Zerodha serves over 8 lakh clients and has branches in 20 cities across the country. The company is known for pioneering discount broking model and provides broking services to its customers leveraging advanced technology.

Zerodha Kite Product Highlights

Some of the major highlights of Zerodha Kite trading platform are-

  • Universal instrument search
  • Customer friendly User Interface
  • Impactful data widgets
  • Advanced Charting
  • Accurate P&L reports
  • Integration with other investment apps

Zerodha Kite Key Features

Zerodha Kite Features

Zerodha Kite offers a range of features to traders. Some of the key features are-

  • Multiple MarketWatch
  • Advanced charting with over 100 indicators and 6 chart types
  • Floating Order window
  • Advanced order types like Brackets with trigger entry and cover with limit entry
  • Universal instrument search for instant search over 90,000 stocks and F&O contracts
  • Live ticks, quotes, and order alerts
  • In-built integration with Quant tool for performing fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics
  • Integration with other investment apps developed by Zerodha partners

Zerodha Kite Features Explained

Zerodha Kite Charts

Zerodha Kite Charts

Kite offers advanced charting with over 100 indicators, 6 chart types, and 30 drawing tools. You can draw as many charts at a time. The End of day data is available from 1996 for top stocks. The intraday data is available from 2014. You can get daily charts for over 7 years for equities, commodities, currency, and F&O. Other features of Kite Charts are-

  • View up to 4 charts at the same time in the same window.
  • Over 30 drawing tools for annotation are available
  • Trade directly from charts with a single click
  • Search and add indicators on the chart
  • Compare multiple scripts
  • Charts default to 1 min which can be changed to up to 1 month

Kite Fund Transfer

Kite has good fund transfer facility to deposit or withdraw the money from your account. You can deposit money using-

  • UPI
  • Payment gateway

Fund withdrawal requests can be placed in 'Q' which is integrated with Kite. Equity, F&O, and currency withdrawal requests are processed at 7 PM whereas Commodity withdrawals are processed at 9 AM on weekdays. It takes 24 hours for funds to be credited to your bank account.

Zerodha Kite Trading Platform Demo

A quick intro to Kite 3.0

Zerodha Kite Feedback by Customers

Traders like Zerodha Kite for its good user interface, multilingual support, and range of features. Some customers wanted the platform to offer IPO facility.

Products Offered by Zerodha Kite

Kite 3.0- A web-based trading platform developed in-house by Zerodha with streaming market data, multiple order types and advanced charts.

Kite mobile- A free trading application available for Android and Apple iOS devices that gives traders access to features like-

  • Multiple Market watch
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Place and view orders
  • Funds transfer
  • Advanced charting

Kite Connect APIs- It is a set of simple HTTP/JSON APIs that provides programmatic access to retail investors. The APIs gets traders access and control of key data like live quotes, profile, funds, order history, positions, etc., in addition to executing orders. The APIs support multiple programming languages from excel VBA to Python, Java, C# or even command line console

Q- It is a reporting/back office tool built that provides traders with-

  • Summary of accounts using donut charts
  • Funds page to place/track withdrawal requests
  • Portfolio to monitor average buying price, unrealized profit/loss, pledged holdings, and open positions of existing trades
  • Check your historical open positions and also download all reports if required to an excel.
  • Tradebook with heatmap to better visualize your trading activity
  • Absolute & Indicative P&L Statements statements

Coin- It is a platform that allows traders to directly buy mutual funds from asset management companies. There are no commissions on buying mutual funds here. You can also track your investment performance and redeem it anytime. The platform also gives you access to the single capital gain statement, P&L visualizations etc.

Sentinel- It allows traders to create market alerts on the cloud for stocks, futures, and options across exchanges. The alerts can be created anytime from tomorrow to months. You can also create advanced alerts that combine multiple triggers.

smallcase- It is India's first thematic investment platform that allows traders to invest thematically with a single click.

Streak- A platform that allows traders to create algos without coding, Backtest and Deploy them live in the market.

Order Types Offered by Zerodha Kite

Limit (LMT) order- It is used to place orders at a predetermined price

Market (MKT) order-It is used to place orders at the best available price.

Stoploss (SL)- SL for orders with a predetermined price to be executed when the trigger is hit.

Stoploss Market (SL-M)- For orders when a market order is to be executed when a trigger is hit.

Zerodha Kite User Customization Options

  • You can set your own profile picture.
  • You can create upto 5 custom marketwatch, each with 20 stocks.

Zerodha Kite Reports

You can get the reports from 'Q' integrated with Kite. Q provides reports like-

  • Comprehensive, tax ready P&L statements
  • Detailed portfolio, ledger, and trade reports

Zerodha Kite Charges / Fees

Zerodha Kite is available free of cost for Zerodha customers.

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Special Offer: Invest without brokerage fees in Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds. Pay a flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open an instant account with Zerodha and start trading today.


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