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Order Types

Limit, Market, StopLoss

Ventura Pointer Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalYes
Online IPOYes
Mutual FundsYes
Integrated Backoffice
Chart Types
Chart Indicators
Charts in same window

Ventura offers a powerful trading platform to its customers called 'Ventura Pointer'. The platform was developed in-house by the company. It is an installable trading platform which users can download in their personal computers and trade from anywhere, anytime. Some of the key features of the Ventura Pointer trading platform are-

  • Open Interest Dashboard that provides total Open Interest for Futures and Options.
  • Action Watch captures important market data such as intraday high and low.
  • Analyst Meet Updates within 48 hours.
  • Technical Charts with data for any stock since 2000.
  • Table that shows a list of stocks/companies going ex-dividend in the next 2 days and the dividend declared.
  • Tick Listing to track track each trade with volumes for any time interval.
  • Get detailed information on fundamentals of a stock/company.
  • Live track all bulk trades.

Ventura Pointer Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Reliable platform with good speed
  • Fundamental analysis of stocks
  • Charts with data on scrips from 2000.
  • Trade directly from charts
  • Open Interest dashboard for Futures & Options trading
  • Analyst meet updates
  • There is a fee of minimum Rs 3500. The fee is refundable on the generation of similar brokerage fee in a year.
  • Less frequent updates.

Trading Platform Owner

Ventura Securities Ltd.

Incorporated in 1994, Ventura Securities Ltd. is a popular stock broking company. It provides a wide range of financial products and services to investors. Ventura, with its large network of sub-brokers spread across the country, offers its customers trading and investment services in equity, commodities, mutual funds, derivatives, and fixed income products. The company has in-house developed a trading platform called 'Ventura Pointer' which facilitates online trading. Ventura is a corporate member of NSE and BSE and is a depository participant with NSDL.

Ventura Pointer Product Highlights

Ventura Pointer is a powerful and stable trading platform. It facilitates trading in NSE, BSE and MCX etc. Some of the major highlights of the platform are-

  • The platform provides many useful trading features like Open Interest dashboard, Action Watch and Technical charts etc.
  • It offers latest market data on bulk trades, company fundamentals, dividends as well as historical data on scrips.
  • It allows you to conduct fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks
  • Pointer provides detailed audit trail of transaction with time stamp on orders
  • You can analyze and trade from the charts

Ventura Pointer Key Features

Ventura Pointer Trade From Chart

Ventura Pointer offers a range of features catering to the need of a seasonal investor to a new trader. Other than the standard trading features, some of the key features of the trading platform are:

  • Facilitates online trading through desktop, web and mobile app.
  • Offers access to trade in multiple exchanges in multiple segments.
  • Trade directly from charts
  • Provides hot keys for faster trading
  • Historical data for fundamental and technical analysis
  • Secured trading with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption

Ventura Pointer Features Explained

Ventura Pointer Trading Platform Features

Open Interest Dashboard- The dashboard provides total Open Interest for Index Futures / Options, Stock Futures / Options etc. It is updated every 5 minutes during live market. You can also view OI change on price/ quantity parameters and further drill down the summary sheet to view scrip wise or contract wise data.

Action Watch- It captures important market data such as intraday high and low. The Action Watch gets you specific data from the market watch with time, for even seconds for each and every stock.

Technical Charts- Get the price and volume charts of any stock since 2000. You can add common studies like Averages, RSI, ROC etc., to the charts to do technical analysis of any stocks.

Ex – Dividend information- The platform provides a table that shows a list of stocks/companies going ex-dividend in the next 2 days and the dividend declared.

Tick Listing- It helps traders to track each trade tick by tick with volumes for any time interval. Further, a trader can also select a time band and tabulate the highs , lows and close with volumes for the chosen period.

Fundamentals- It provides you with detailed information on the fundamentals of a stock/company. You can view the results for the last 5 years, it's valuation, shareholding pattern, product and raw material information and all major corporate actions.

Bulk Trades- It helps you track live (real-time) all bulk trades.

Ventura Pointer Trading Platform Demo

Ventura Pointer Software Demo

Ventura Pointer Feedback by Customers

Most of the customers of Ventura are satisfied with the features of the trading platform. However, many complained of access charges on the platforms and suggested improvements in usability.

Products Offered by Ventura Pointer

Ventura Web- It is a web-based platform that can accessed from any browser. It offers features like-

  • Trading across multiple exchanges and segments
  • View orders, trade and positions
  • Charts and indicators for technical analysis

Venture Pointer- It is an installable or downloadable trading platform that gives you access to features like-

  • Place buy/sell orders
  • View orders, trade and positions
  • Data for fundamental analysis of stocks
  • Charts and indicators for technical analysis
  • Open Interest dashboard
  • Hot keys for faster trading
  • Market Watch

Ventura Wealth- It is a mobile app available for Ventura customers. The app makes it easy for Ventura customers to trade from anywhere. Some of the major features of the app are-

  • Trade in equity and equity derivatives across NSE and BSE
  • Invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, NCD etc.
  • Real-time market updates
  • Live stock watch
  • View portfolio and holdings

Ventura Commodities- Ventura Commodities trading app is specially designed for customers who want to trade in Commodities. The mobile application allows you to-

  • Trade in commodities and derivatives
  • Manage margin and funds
  • Modify and cancel orders
  • Get real time information on Commodities.

Order Types Offered by Ventura Pointer

  • Limit Order- The order is placed at the price specified by the trader. The Order gets executed when the price is reached.
  • Market Order- The order is placed and executed at the market price available,
  • Stop Loss Orders (SL)- The order is used to limit losses in a trade. User can enter a trigger price. IF the stock prices reach that value a Sell order is automatically executed

Ventura Pointer User Customization Options

Some of the customizations options available in Ventura Pointer are-

  • Market Watch
  • Bulk Trade Orders

Ventura Pointer Reports

Ventura Pointer provides many reports like-

  1. Order Book- All the Orders placed are displayed in the Order Book. Traders can filter the data as:
    1. All
    2. Pending
    3. Partly Executed
    4. Fully Executed
    5. Canceled
    6. Frozen
  2. Trade Book- All the executed orders are shown in the trade book.
  3. Net Positions- It shows the aggregate data for a particular stock. It provides data on quantity bought/ sold, average price and the net position.
  4. Holdings- It show a user's holding in Equity & F&O positions

Ventura Pointer Charges / Fees

There is a minimum access fee of Rs 3500 per year for the trading platform. This fee is returned if the total brokerage generated in a year from your trades is more than Rs 3500.

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