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Finvasia ScalperT Review

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Finvasia ScalperT Detail




Stocks, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives


ScalperT Web, ScalperT Mobile App

Order Types

Normal, MIS, Stop Limit, Market, Limit, Stop, Cover, Bracket Order

Finvasia ScalperT Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading Terminal
Online IPOYes
Mutual FundsNo
Integrated Backoffice
Chart Types12
Chart Indicators40
Charts in same window4

ScalperT is an in-house developed platform launched in 2017. It is a web and mobile-based trading platform. The platform can be accessed across browsers and is available for Android users on mobile.

Finvasia ScalperT Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Free trading software
  • Zero brokerage and fees on trades
  • No Clearing charges when trading on NSE
  • Free Call & Trade services
  • Built using Omnesys APIs, OMS and RMS system
  • Facility to buy and sell IPO and Bonds
  • BTST (Buy-Today-Sell-Tomorrow) feature is not available.
  • Scanners are not available.

Trading Platform Owner

Finvasia Securities Private Limited

Finvasia started its operations in India in 2013. Finvasia is a Fintech company founded by Ex-Wall St professionals. The company offers services ranging from asset management, investment banking to brokerage services.

It has offices in Chandigarh, India and in 13 other countries. Finvasia offers Equity, Commodity, and Derivatives trading services on BSE, NSE, and MCX. It also offers IPOs and Bonds to retail, NRI and Institutional investors.

Finvasia ScalperT Product Highlights

Major highlights of the trading platform are-

  • Developed in-house leveraging Omnesys APIs, OMS, and RMS
  • Available as a browser-based platform and a mobile app on Android.
  • Facilitates trade at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Integrated with the demat account

Finvasia ScalperT Key Features

Finvasia Charts

Source: Finvasia

Some of the key features of the trading platform are-

  • Trade Stocks, F&O, Currency and Commodities
  • Historical Data with multiple time period options
  • Real-time charts with 40 indicators
  • Real-time update on your portfolio, positions, and PnL
  • Custom market watch list
  • Directly trade from Charts
  • Various order types: Normal, MIS, Stop Limit, Market,
  • View your trading positions (Day and Net)
  • Online fund transfer from over 30 banks

Finvasia ScalperT Trading Platform Demo

How To Use ScalperT Mobile App

Finvasia ScalperT Feedback by Customers

Finvasia ScalperT customers found some of the features of the app good. However, some are of the opinion that the usability of the platform can be improved and would also like the platform to offer scanners. some customers also wanted an iOS version of the app.

Products Offered by Finvasia ScalperT

ScalperT Web- It is a browser-based platform that facilitates trading across segments and exchanges.

ScalperT Mobile App- It is a trading app available for Android users and offers the same features as the web version.

Order Types Offered by Finvasia ScalperT

Normal-It is used in future contracts when you buy or sell a futures contract and want to carry around overnight or until the expiry of that contract.

MIS (Margin Intraday Square off)- It is used when you want to take an Intraday position. The order will remain activated till that particular day.

Limit order- It is used to place orders at a predetermined price

Market order-It is used to place orders at the best available price.

Stoploss - SL for orders with a predetermined price to be executed when the trigger is hit.

Stoploss Market- For orders when a market order is to be executed when a trigger is hit.

Cover Orde- A cover order is used in intraday tradings. It is a two-legged order. The first leg of the order is the normal order, which is about buying or selling the scrip. The second leg of the order is to square off the scrip in case you start making losses.

Bracket orders- This order can be used to limit losses and lock profits with two opposite-side orders. Through this order type, a trader can place three orders at once:

  • Buy or sell order
  • Lock Profit Order
  • Stop Loss Order

Finvasia ScalperT User Customization Options

The users can customize market watch lists.

Finvasia ScalperT Charges / Fees

ScalperT is available FREE of charge to all the customers.

Brokers using Finvasia ScalperT

Finvasia Securities Private Limited

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