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Equities, Currency and Derivatives


Pro Web, Pro Mobile, Algo Lab, Developer, Dartstock, Nest Trader, Fox Trader

Order Types

Limit, Market, StopLoss, StopLoss-Market, StopLoss-Limit, Cover, Bracket, After Market

Upstox Pro Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalNo
Online IPONo
Mutual FundsNo
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types13
Chart Indicators100
Charts in same window4

Upstox Pro is a free web-based trading platform. The platform is built using HTML5 technology and is known for its speed and ease of use. Upstox Pro facilitates trading across multiple segments including stocks, futures, options, and currencies etc., across exchanges like BSE and NSE. The platform is available in web and mobile version. Developers can also access APIs and 3rd party integration to build their own apps on the Upstox platform.

Upstox Pro Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Good charting features
  • Good customization options
  • Frequent updates to the product
  • Fast trading experience
  • The platform doesn't allow direct investing in mutual funds.
  • It has limited features when compared to other platforms available in the market.
  • The user experience of the app is better than the web version.

Trading Platform Owner

RKSV Securities India Private Limited

Incorporated in 2009, Mumbai based RKSV Securities India Private Limited is a company engaged in providing online stock trading services in India. The company's online platform allows traders to invest in various segments stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities etc., across BSE, NSE and MCX.

RKSV was the first company to launch unlimited trading plans in India. The company is backed by notable investors including Kalaari Capital, GVK Davix, and Ratan N Tata. In 2016, RKSV launched the Upstox Pro under the Upstox banner.

RKSV boasts of over 100k+ traders and Rs 15K Crores+ daily exchange turnover.

Upstox Pro Product Highlights

Upstox is a powerful trading platform. Some of the major highlights of the platform are-

  • Used by over 100K+ traders
  • Built using HTML5 technology
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Advanced charts with 100+technical indicators
  • Highly customizable as per trading needs

Upstox Pro Key Features

Upstox Pro Features

Source: Upstox

Upstox pro is available in web and mobile version and offers fast trading experience to users. The platform offers a range of features to traders such as-

  • Universal search tool to search for desired stocks.
  • Single platform for trading in Stocks, Futures and Options, and Currencies
  • Powerful charting tools with over 100 technical indicators to apply
  • Charts of multiple intervals, types and drawing styles
  • Facility to trade directly from charts
  • Create unlimited price alerts and get instant updates
  • Create unlimited customized watchlists
  • Get real-time market feeds to be updated on your scrips
  • Get access to predefined watch-list of Nifty 50 and other indices

Upstox Pro Features Explained

Powerful Charts

Upstox Pro Charts

Source: Upstox

Upstox Pro offers excellent charting features with access to Charts of multiple intervals, 13 types and drawing styles. Traders can apply over 100 technical indicators on charts real-time. They can open up to 4 charts on a window and can directly place orders from the charts.


Upstox offers good customization options to suit different trading needs. Traders can create up to 5 different workspaces. Each workspace can include multiple widgets and different configurations. Traders also have options to customize layouts, alerts, and themes as per their preferences.

 Price Alerts

Trders can set a price alert on their scrips. They can set an alert for the breach of the price that they want the scrip to achieve. The alerts can be set for both falling and rising scrips. The alert is sent in the form of a notification on the phone.

Upstox Pro Trading Platform Demo

Upstox Demo

Upstox Pro Feedback by Customers

Upstox customers love its fast trading experience and good charting features. Some customers want the facility to trade in commodities and the UI in web version to improve.

Products Offered by Upstox Pro

Pro Web: It brings to you the performance of a trading terminal in a web-based platform. The platform is built in-house using HTML 5 technology and offers a range of features to trade from your desktops and laptops.

Pro Mobile: One of the highest rated trading app by users, Pro mobile offers great features to help traders trade on the move. The app gives you access to charts to identify trends, Place orders such as Cover Orders and Bracket Orders, get price alerts on your scrips with a delightful user experience.

Algo Lab: It allows traders to write strategies on AmiBroker AFL & place trades on Upstox. Algo Lab is a dedicated panel available on Pro Web and Pro mobile for viewing, placing and modifying orders sent from AmiBroker.

Developer: It gives you access to APIs to allow developers to build an app at low cost and quick time on the Upstox platform. Developers get access to libraries and documentation to quickly build apps. The APIs supports C++, Node JS, Java, and Python.

Dartstock: Upstox has partnered with iDarts to offer its customers a desktop trading platform. The platform offers multiple scanners to analyze markets and identify opportunities, advanced charting tools, and special watchlists.

Nest Trader: It is a desktop app that offers multiple features like-

  • Edit layouts, fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts to customize interface as per trading needs.
  • Designed for stability at high loads and speed
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Advanced Charting
  • Advanced orders like Cover Order and Bracket Orders

Fox Trader: Upstox has partnered with Reliable Software India Pvt. Ltd. to offer FoxTrader trading software to traders. The software helps traders in-

  • Live scanning and conducting backtesting with 300+ studies, 200+ conditions
  • Automate trading strategies
  • Get Insights
  • Minimize risks by monitor current positions, automating trailing stops & stop levels.

Order Types Offered by Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro allows you to place multiple types of orders in the web and mobile versions. Here are the types of orders that you can place:

1. Limit Order: A Limit Order is used to buy or sell a scrip at a certain price.

2. Market Order: A Market Order is used to buy or sell a scrip at the current market rate.

3. Stop Loss Order: It is an order placed with the system to automatically sell a scrip when it reaches a certain price.

4. Stop Loss Limit Order: A stop-loss limit order is executed at the price that a trader wants to be executed at.

5. Stop Loss Market Order: The stop loss market order is executed at the current market rate once your stop loss is triggered.

6. Cover Order: A cover order is used in intraday tradings. It is a two-legged order. The first leg of the order is the normal order, which is about buying or selling the scrip. The second leg of the order is to square off the scrip in case you start making losses.

7. Bracket orders: This order can be used to limit losses and lock profits with two opposite-side orders. Through this order type, a trader can place three orders at once:

Buy or sell order
Lock Profit Order
Stop Loss Order

8. After Market Orders: These orders allow traders to plan and place orders at their leisure time. The orders can be placed between 6:30 PM and 12:00 AM or between 4:00 AM and 9:00 AM. The orders will be executed at 9:15 AM on the next trading day.

Upstox Pro User Customization Options

Workspaces allow trader another layer of customization on the platform interface. Traders can create up to 5 different workspaces. Each workspace can include multiple widgets and different configurations. Traders can have one workspace dedicated to multiple charts, one arranged for order, trade, position books, and another one for watchlist and quote board based trading.

It also offers customizable layouts, alerts, and themes as per user's preferences.

Upstox Pro Reports

Upstox Pro offers various types of reports including-

  • Order Book
  • Trade Book
  • Positions Book
  • Holdings
  • P&L reports

Upstox Pro Charges / Fees

Upstox Pro web & mobile platforms for available free for traders.

Brokers using Upstox Pro

RKSV Securities India Private Limited

Special Offer

Exclusive offer by Upstox

  • Pay flat Rs 20 for Eq Delivery, Intra-day and F&O Trades.
  • Pay Rs 0 commission for Mutual Funds.

It is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Account and start trading the same day.

This webpage provide review of Upstox Pro by RKSV Securities India Private Limited. Get detail info about Upstox Pro .

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Special Offer: Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for delivery, Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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