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NSE NOW Detail




Equities, Currency and Derivatives


EXE version, WEB version, Mobile version, NOW Touch

Order Types

Market, Limit, Stoploss, StopLoss (Market), Basket, Spread, After Market Orders

NSE NOW Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalYes
Online IPOYes
Mutual FundsYes
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types15
Chart Indicators80
Charts in same window

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) provides a trading platform called NSE ON WEB (NOW). NSE NOW is one of the country's widest used platform. The platform is built by its subsidiary company DotEx. The NSE NOW trading platforms have direct connectivity NSE. It is available in 3 versions:

  • EXE version - an installable application for desktops and laptops
  • WEB version - a browser-based application
  • Mobile version - a mobile app

Traders can use all the 3 versions to trade in Equity, Derivatives, and Currency on NSE and BSE exchange. The NOW platform also allows investing in IPO's and Mutual funds.

NSE NOW Advantages / Disadvantages

  • A platform known for its reliabity and fast trading experience
  • Licensed by over 100 brokers
  • Wide range of features
  • Access to a suite of data feed products of NSE
  • User Interface can be improved
  • Requires high system requirements
  • Brokers have to pay usage charges which most pass it on to traders

Trading Platform Owner

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Incorporated in 1994, National Stock Exchange or NSE, as it is popularly, called is India's leading and one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. NSE launched electronic screen-based trading in 1994 and pioneered derivatives trading (in the form of index futures) and internet trading in India.

NSE provides a wide range of services comprising exchange listings, trading services, clearing and settlement services, indices, market data feeds, technology solutions and financial education.

NSE also monitors regulatory compliance by trading and clearing members and listed companies. As part of its technology solutions, NSE provides a trading software called NOW which implies NSE on WEB. The platform is developed by its subsidiary company DotEx.

NSE NOW Product Highlights

NOW trading platform is licensed to over 100 brokers and used by millions of traders. The platform is known for its top speed and reliable execution. Some of the major highlights of the platform are-

  • Exhaustive Administration features
  • A robust risk management system
  • high speed and reliability
  • Day-wise and net- wise reports.
  • Advanced graphs and charts.

NSE NOW Key Features

NSE NOW Platform Features

NSE NOW trading platform is perfect for all types of traders. Here are some of the major features-

  • Single platform to trade hassle free across all asset classes (Equities, Derivatives, Currencies, Commodities, Offer for Sale).
  • Fastest order execution
  • Real-time streaming quotes and market data
  • Facilitates Portfolio and Holdings Tracking
  • Market watch Groups creation
  • More than 15 charts with 80+ technical indicators
  • Fund Transfer and Monitoring Margin utilization.

NSE NOW Features Explained

Fastest order execution

NSE now offers high-speed performance as servers of NSE NOW are located inside the exchange's premises and has Direct connectivity. As the servers are closest to order matching system, they have the lowest latency compared to trading servers of other brokers. This allows it to offer fastest order execution in India.

NSE NOW Trading Platform Demo

How to use NOW Trading Platform

NSE NOW Feedback by Customers

Most customers love NSE NOW for its high speed, reliability and set of features. However, some have also pointed out the interface issues and inability to trade commodities from the platform.

Products Offered by NSE NOW

NSE offers NOW in various versions to suit varied trading needs. NSE NOW is available as-

EXE version- It is a downloadable trading application for desktops and laptops. It offers features like-

  • Fastest order execution
  • Real-time streaming quotes and market data
  • Facilitates Portfolio and Holdings Tracking
  • Market watch Groups creation
  • More than 15 charts with 80+ technical indicators
  • Fund Transfer and Monitoring Margin utilization

WEB version- Traders can also access NSE NOW using their laptop or phone browsers. The web-based platform offers all the features of the exe version.

Mobile version- NSE NOW is also available as an app to facilitate trading on the move.

NSE NOW Trading App Features

The app offers many key features like-

  • Place orders
  • Access to real-time market data
  • Marketwatch
  • Market Depth
  • 15 charts with 80+ indicators
  • Fund Management

NOW Touch- It enhances the investor client's trading experience with its easy to navigate interface, predefined market watch, customizable market watch, order and trade features, positions watch, market mover trends and interactive charts. Real-time updates by way of streaming are also available for all investor clients.

Order Types Offered by NSE NOW

Traders can choose from following order types-

  • Market Order- It helps you buy or sell at the best available price.
  • Limit Order- It is used to buy or sell at your desired price.
  • Stoploss Order - It is used to sell a stock when it reaches the set price.
  • StopLoss (Market)- For orders when a market order is to be executed when the trigger is hit.
  • Basket Orders- This is used to place bulk orders in one go. Traders can create a file in txt or csv format with the orders and directly upload it into the system or add multiple scrips and place the orders.
  • After Market Orders- These Orders allow traders to place orders after market timings. The orders are executed in the exchange on the next trading day.
  • Spread Order-It is used for derivative scrip through which you can place two leg and three leg orders.

NSE NOW User Customization Options

Customized Market Watch allows users to set up market watch as per their convenience. The platform also allows you to customize shortcuts as per your needs.

NSE NOW Reports

NOW provides multiple reports to users like-

Order Book- Various order status messages that can be observed under the order book are as follows:

- Put Order Request Received (After order acknowledged by the server)

- Validation Pending (Order is going through risk validations)

- Open Pending (Order sent to Exchange)

- Open (Order confirmed by exchange)

- Modify Validation Pending (Order modification is going through risk validation)

- Modify Pending (Order Modification request sent to exchange)

- Modified (Order Modification confirmed by exchange)

- Not Modified (Order Modification rejected by exchange)

- Cancel Pending (Order Cancel request sent to exchange)

- Cancelled (Order Cancellation confirmed by exchange)

- Not Cancelled (Order Cancellation rejected by exchange)

- Rejected (Order Rejected by exchange)

- Order Frozen (Order frozen at the exchange)

- Lapsed (Order lapsed / expired at server level due to disconnectivity)

Trade Book- It shows all traded orders with details on Buy/Sell quantity, Buy/Sell value and net amount.

Net Positions- It shows net-wise and day-wise positions.

NSE NOW Charges / Fees

NSE NOW was earlier available for traders free of costs. However, since July 01, 2017, the platform has become a paid platform wherein a fee is charged to brokers based on the number of terminals used per customer. Due to this many Option trading brokers have either stopped offering NSE NOW trading platform or are charging fees from customers to give access to NSE NOW. Here are the NSE NOW charges-

NSE NOW Charges

No. of Terminals per Customer

Charges per terminal per exchange segment/month


Rs. 300 per terminal ( A minimum fee of Rs. 1500 per month shall be charged in this particular slab)


Rs.1500 + Rs.275 per incremental terminal over 5 terminals


Rs.7000 + Rs. 225 per incremental terminal over 25 terminals


Rs.23875 + Rs.175 per incremental terminal over 100 terminals


Rs.50125 + Rs.125 per incremental terminal over 250 terminals


Rs.81375 + Rs. 50 per incremental terminal over 500 terminals

Over 1000

Rs.106375 + Rs 10 per incremental terminal over 1000 terminals

Brokers using NSE NOW

There are many brokers who offer NSE NOW trading platform to their customers. Some of the prominent brokers offering NSE NOW are-

Tradeplus (online brand of Navia Markets Ltd and Navia Commodities Broker Pvt. Ltd)

Finvasia Securities Private Limited


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