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Omnesys NEST Vs Finvasia ScalperT Options Trading Platform Comparison

Compare Trading Platform Omnesys NEST and Finvasia ScalperT. Find similarities and differences between Omnesys NEST and Finvasia ScalperT Trading Softwares. Find the most powerful trading platform. Find which trading software is better among Omnesys NEST and Finvasia ScalperT.

Omnesys NEST Vs Finvasia ScalperT

  Omnesys NEST Finvasia ScalperT
Omnesys NEST Logo Finvasia ScalperT Logo
About Trading Platform

Omnesys NEST is a stock trading platform that supports trading in equities, commodities, currency, and derivatives across multiple exchanges. Developed in-house by Omnesys Technologies, it provides a wide range of trading tools, market data, and trading solutions to institutional brokers, retail brokers, proprietary trading desks, and exchanges etc.

ScalperT is an in-house developed web and mobile-based trading platform. Launched in 2017, the platform can be accessed across browser and is available for Android users on mobile.

Platform Owner What is this parameter? Thomson Reuters International Services Private Ltd Finvasia Securities Private Limited
Trading Segments Offered What is this parameter?

Equities, Commodities, Currency, Derivatives

Stocks, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives

Products Offered What is this parameter?

NEST Trader, NEST Web, NEST Mobile

ScalperT Web, ScalperT Mobile App

Order Type Offered What is this parameter?

Limit, Market, StopLoss, StopLoss-Market

Normal, MIS, Stop Limit, Market, Limit, Stop, Cover, Bracket Order

Supported Exchanges What is this parameter?



Brokers using this platform What is this parameter?
Order Management System (OMS) What is this parameter?

Omnesys NEST OMS

Omnesys OMS

Risk Management System (RMA) What is this parameter?

Omnesys NEST RMS

Omnesys RMS

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Trading Platform Review

  Omnesys NEST Finvasia ScalperT
Product Highlights What is this parameter?

Over 200 retail brokers in India use NEST or NEST based platforms. The NEST is a fast, user-friendly and powerful trading platform for trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. Some of the major highlights of the Omnesys NEST trading platform are:

  • Supports terminal, web and mobile trading.
  • Integrated with OMS and RMS
  • A completely integrated solution with real-time information flow between front and back office software.
  • Access to APIs for multiple development environments for customizing front-end. The APIs are available in Java, COM, C++ and REST API.
  • Supports advanced Order Types like cover order and bracket orders.

Major highlights of the trading platform are-

  • Developed in-house leveraging Omnesys APIs, OMS, and RMS
  • Available as a browser-based platform and a mobile app on Android.
  • Facilitates trade at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Integrated with the demat account
Key Features What is this parameter?

Omnesys NEST is a leading trading platform catering to the needs of traders in India. The platform offers integrated trading and risk management. Some of the major features of the NEST Trading Platform are:

  • Supports desktop, web and mobile trading.
  • Supports advanced order types.
  • Integrated OMS and RMS.
  • Integrated with the back office with real-time exchange of data.
  • Pre/Post Trade Analytics and other data for deep analysis.
  • Multiple Market watch lists
  • Market Depth
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Offers a wide range of reports
Finvasia Charts

Source: Finvasia

Some of the key features of the trading platform are-

  • Trade Stocks, F&O, Currency and Commodities
  • Historical Data with multiple time period options
  • Real-time charts with 40 indicators
  • Real-time update on your portfolio, positions, and PnL
  • Custom market watch list
  • Directly trade from Charts
  • Various order types: Normal, MIS, Stop Limit, Market,
  • View your trading positions (Day and Net)
  • Online fund transfer from over 30 banks
  • Support for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Offers faster trading experience.
  • Support for advanced charts and advance order types.
  • Wide range of customization choices to suit trading needs.
  • Used by over 200 retail brokers.
  • Multiple shortcut keys with shortcut manager to modify keys
  • Free trading software
  • Zero brokerage and fees on trades
  • No Clearing charges when trading on NSE
  • Free Call & Trade services
  • Built using Omnesys APIs, OMS and RMS system
  • Facility to buy and sell IPO and Bonds
  • Requires good speed internet to work smoothly.
  • User interface is average.
  • Less frequent product updates.
  • Doesn't allow trading from charts
  • BTST (Buy-Today-Sell-Tomorrow) feature is not available.
  • Scanners are not available.
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Features of Trading Platform

  Omnesys NEST Finvasia ScalperT
Installable Trading Terminal What is this parameter? Yes
Trading Website What is this parameter? Yes Yes
Mobile Trading App What is this parameter? Yes Yes
API Access What is this parameter? Yes No
Offered by Multiple Brokers What is this parameter? Yes No
Equity Trading What is this parameter? Yes Yes
Currency F&O Trading What is this parameter? Yes Yes
Commodity Trading What is this parameter? Yes Yes
Online IPO Application What is this parameter? No Yes
Online Mutual Funds What is this parameter? No No
Integrated Backoffice What is this parameter? Yes
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Charts Related Features

  Omnesys NEST Finvasia ScalperT
Chart Types Supported What is this parameter? 5 12
Chart Indicator What is this parameter? 50 40
Place Orders from Chart What is this parameter? No Yes
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Trading Platform Related Abbreviations / Definitions

  • Back-Office - The back office application facilitate trade analysis, managing funds in the trading account, managing portfolio, pledged holdings, P&L Statements, reports related to tax filings, end of day reports and historical data.
  • OMS – An Order Management System is a software program developed to execute market transactions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Stockbroker uses OMS to manage orders received from customers.
  • RMS - The risk management system of Trading Platform. This core component manages various risk components while trading. This includes making sure that customer has enough margin available for open positions and take the required actions in case of short of capital.
  • Trading Product Types
    • MIS - Margin Intraday Square-off
    • CNC - Cash n Carry
    • NRML - Normal F&O trades
    • BO - Bracket Order
    • CO - Cover Order
    • AMO - After Market Order
  • Order Types
    • Market Order
    • Limit Order
    • SL Order - Stoploss or trigger
    • SL-M Order - Stoploss Market
  • Exchanges
    • BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange
    • NSE - National Stock Exchange
    • MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange