SME IPO 2013 - Performance by Listing & Current Gains (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)

A list of all SME IPO in 2019 with their listing gains and profit/loss as per the current market price. This SME IPO Performance Tracker covers all SME IPO shares listed in the calendar year 2019.

SEBI, the market regulator in India allowed SME companies to get listed at SME platform of BSE and NSE stock exchanges in the year 2012. Many companies took this opportunity to raise funds and get benefited by listing at BSE SME and NSE Emerge platform.

Find the best SME IPO in India, worst SME IPO, and how SME IPO's has done after listing the stock exchanges.

Visit our SME IPO Performance Tracker tracks each and every SME Shares listed at the exchange.

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The SME IPO Listing Gains report for all SME IPO in 2019. Also, find SME IPO Gain in the long term.

SME IPO Performance 2013

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Tentiwal Wire Products LtdDec 31, 20131311.9-8.46avoid
Captain Polyplast LtdDec 11, 20133034.6515.517.35189.17
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services LtdNov 01, 20136151.1-16.2362.252.05avoid
Stellar Capital Services LtdNov 01, 20132019.1-4.54.37-78.15avoid
Amrapali Capital and Finance Services LtdOct 31, 2013100101.11.113.11-86.89avoid
S R G Securities Finance LtdOct 29, 20132024.2521.2513.5-32.5avoid
VCU Data Management LtdOct 23, 20132536.25458.29-66.84avoid
Subh Tex India LimitedOct 22, 20131012.626avoid
Newever Trade Wings LtdOct 17, 20131012.828avoid
Satkar Finlease LimitedOct 11, 20131820.8515.83avoid
Ace Tours Worldwide LtdSep 26, 20131624.9555.94avoid
Tiger Logistics (India) LtdSep 12, 20136669.14.7392.15494.17avoid
Kushal Tradelink LtdSep 04, 20133535.82.292.36-66.29avoid
VKJ Infradevelopers LtdAug 30, 20132523.8-4.80.41-83.6avoid
Silverpoint Infratech LtdAug 28, 20131513.6-9.33avoid
Alacrity Securities LtdAug 14, 20131512.05-19.6710-33.33avoid
Money Masters Leasing & Finance LtdAug 12, 20131517.0513.677.24-51.73avoid
Edynamics Solutions LtdJun 26, 20132526.656.61.22-95.12
India Finsec LimitedJun 11, 20131010.5536.2262avoid
Onesource Techmedia LtdJun 05, 20131412.4-11.4310.83-22.64avoid
Ashapura Intimates Fashion LtdApr 15, 20134049.9524.88avoid
Samruddhi Realty LtdApr 12, 20131213.6513.75avoid
Opal Luxury Time Products LtdApr 12, 2013130128-1.54avoid
GCM Securities LtdApr 05, 20132068.25241.253.1557.5avoid
GCM Commodity & Derivatives LtdApr 05, 20132068.25241.253.1557.5avoid
Lakhotia Polyesters (India) LtdApr 03, 20133535019.95-43avoid
Bothra Metals and Alloys LtdMar 25, 2013252503.2-87.2avoid
HPC Biosciences LtdMar 19, 20133539.111.7126.2648.57avoid
Kavita Fabrics LtdMar 12, 201340412.5298.3645.75avoid
Channel Nine Entertainment LtdMar 12, 20132526.255avoid
Sunstar Realty Development LtdMar 11, 20132022.512.5avoid
Esteem Bio Organic Food Processing LtdFeb 07, 20132526.564.6485.6avoid
Eco Friendly Food Processing Park LtdJan 14, 20132525.552.2avoid

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