SME IPO 2023 - Performance by Listing & Current Gains (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)

A list of all SME IPO in 2019 with their listing gains and profit/loss as per the current market price. This SME IPO Performance Tracker covers all SME IPO shares listed in the calendar year 2019.

SEBI, the market regulator in India allowed SME companies to get listed at SME platform of BSE and NSE stock exchanges in the year 2012. Many companies took this opportunity to raise funds and get benefited by listing at BSE SME and NSE Emerge platform.

Find the best SME IPO in India, worst SME IPO, and how SME IPO's has done after listing the stock exchanges.

Visit our SME IPO Performance Tracker tracks each and every SME Shares listed at the exchange.

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The SME IPO Listing Gains report for all SME IPO in 2019. Also, find SME IPO Gain in the long term.

SME IPO Performance 2023

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Bright Outdoor Media LimitedMar 24, 2023146157.57.88avoid
Quality Foils (India) LimitedMar 24, 20236097.762.83sub_long
Labelkraft Technologies LimitedMar 23, 20235555.791.4457.464.47avoid
Sudarshan Pharma Industries LtdMar 22, 20237369.35-562.6-14.25avoid
VELS Film International LimitedMar 22, 202399103.44.4499.90.91avoid
MCON Rasayan India LimitedMar 20, 20234050.42652.932.25sub_long
Prospect Commodities LimitedMar 20, 20236161.450.74610avoid
Systango Technologies LimitedMar 15, 202390102.914.33126.3540.39sub_long
Vertexplus Technologies LimitedMar 15, 202396106.0510.471004.17sub_long
ResGen LimitedMar 13, 20234746.57-0.9138.65-17.77sub_long
ITCONS E-Solutions LimitedMar 13, 20235149.33-3.2739.09-23.35subscribe
Amanaya Ventures LimitedMar 09, 20232319.1-16.9615.56-32.35avoid
SVJ Enterprises LimitedMar 09, 20233636.10.2824.51-31.92avoid
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes LimitedMar 09, 202341422.4438.4-6.34sub_long
Patron Exim LimitedMar 06, 20232726.98-0.079.8-63.7avoid
Sealmatic India LimitedMar 01, 2023225236.255220.25-2.11subscribe
Viaz Tyres LimitedMar 01, 20236268.059.7652.05-16.05sub_long
Macfos LimitedMar 01, 2023102174.871.3716561.76sub_long
Agarwal Float Glass India LimitedFeb 23, 20234244.054.8838.5-8.33sub_long
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products LimitedFeb 21, 20232527.6510.631.124.4avoid
Indong Tea Company LimitedFeb 21, 20232621.8-16.1513.4-48.46avoid
Shera Energy LimitedFeb 17, 20235767.318.0760.756.58sub_long
Earthstahl & Alloys LimitedFeb 08, 20234057.7544.3846.9917.48sub_long
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals LimitedFeb 07, 20233036.7522.538.327.67avoid
Transvoy Logistics India LimitedFeb 02, 20237174.55571.40.56avoid
DHARNI Capital Services LimitedJan 31, 20232020.251.2523.2516.25avoid
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience LimitedJan 30, 2023728416.6752.85-26.6sub_long
Ducol Organics And Colours LimitedJan 19, 202378117.550.64111.342.69sub_long
Eastern Logica Infoway LimitedJan 17, 2023225283.5262250avoid
Chaman Metallics LimitedJan 16, 20233864.67041.759.87subscribe
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries LimitedJan 12, 2023135143.856.561350sub_long
SVS Ventures LimitedJan 12, 20232021.57.58.46-57.7avoid
Anlon Technology Solutions LimitedJan 10, 2023100263.65163.65153.2553.25sub_long
RBM Infracon LimitedJan 04, 20233655.153.0658.963.61sub_long
Homesfy Realty LimitedJan 02, 2023197287.9546.17419.55112.97subscribe

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