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Published on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 by Chittorgarh.com Team

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Read SBI Cards IPO FAQs.


  1. 1. Is SBI card a subsidiary of SBI?

    Yes, SBI Card is a subsidiary of SBI, India's largest commercial bank in terms of deposits, advances and number of branches. State Bank of India (SBI) hold 74% and Carlyle Group hold 26% stack in SBI Card.

    SBI Card was incorporated in 1998 as a joint venture between State Bank of India and GE Capital. In 2017, GE Capital existed and its stake was taken over by SBI and Carlyle Group.

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  2. 2. How to download SBI Card DRHP PDF?

    1. Visit SBI Cards IPO Page on chittorgarh.com. 2. Click on SBI Cards IPO under upcoming IPO segment. 3. Click on Draft Prospectus Link on SBI Cards IPO page

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  3. 3. Is SBI card IPO profitable?

    It is difficult to day if SBI Card IPO will be profitable for investors. The IPO rewards depend on many factors including issue pricing and market sentiments.

    As per the current estimation (20 Jan 2020), this IPO is expected to be a blockbuster IPO for retail investors. The grey market premiums are show 20 to 30% of listing gains.

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  4. 4. Is it wise to invest in SBI cards IPO?

    The answer depends on many factors including issue price, issue dates, market sentiments and the grey market premium. But an investor must buy minimum 1 share of SBI and hold in their account until SBI Cards IPO RHP is filed to be eligible for shareholders category. If you are SBI shareholder on the day of RHP filing, you are eligible to invest in both Retail and Shareholders category for 2 L each. This increases the chances of getting allotment.

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  5. 5. What are the expert view on SBI cards IPO?

    Experts are very positive about SBI Cards IPO at this time. Most of them are waiting for its price announcement but it is widely expected that almost all experts will recommend to subscribe this IPO because of its strong fundamentals.

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  6. 6. What are the major reasons for SBI cards IPO investment?

    • 2nd largest credit card issuer in India with 18% market share
    • Dividend paying company
    • Strong profitability
    • Wide range of produces
    • Diversified customer acquisition network
    • Technology-driven Business
    • Diversified revenue model
    • Consistently generating profits over the past three fiscal years
    • Credit card industry expected to grow 2.5 times in the next five years

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  7. 7. How to download the form for SBI card IPO?

    As per the new SEBI rules, you could apply in SBI card using 2 ways:

    1. Online through ASBA through banks providing 3-in-1 bank account (i.e. SBI, ICICI, HDFC)
    2. Online through brokers using UPI IPO application (i.e. Zerodha or 5paisa).

    The paper based applications for IPO are not accepted anymore.

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  8. 8. Will SBI Card IPO open in Jan 2020?

    No, SBI Cards IPO will open in March 2020. The issue open date and close date are announced that is 2nd March and 5th March, respectively.

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  9. 9. Will SBI Card IPO open in Feb 2020?

    No, SBI Cards IPO has filed RHP with SEBI on 18th Feb 2020. The IPO will open from 2nd to 5th March, 2020. You need to have the credit of SBI shares in your Demat account as on RHP approval date (Record Date) to become eligible for shareholder category.

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  10. 10. Can I invest in SBI Cards IPO?

    If you are an eligible individual, NRIs, HUFs, corporate bodies, and NIIs recognised under SEBI, you can invest in SBI Cards IPO. SBI Cards IPO also has special categories for shareholders and employees.

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  11. 11. How much I invest for SBI Cards shareholders category?

    As per RHP, the individual shareholder is eligible to invest above ₹200,000 in the shareholder category maximum up to shareholder category reserved shares. SBI Shareholders investing up to ₹2 lakh can also invest in Retail category (Up to ₹2 lakh). You need to hold SBI shares in your Demat account on the record date (18th Feb 2020) to become eligible for SBI shareholder category.

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  12. 12. Who is the CEO of SBI Card?

    Hardayal Prasad is the CEO of SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd. Mr Prasad joined SBI Card in Feb 2018. He has been with SBI for over three decades. Based in Gurgaon, he handles all the aspects of SBI Card's business across India.

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  13. 13. Can I apply for SBI Cards IPO under the shareholder and NII category?

    No, you cannot apply in Shareholders and NII categories using the same name. If you do so, both of your applications will be rejected.

    If you planning to apply in multiple categories, you have to choose the RII category with the following limits:

    • Retail Individual Investor (RII) - Up to Rs 2 Lakhs
    • Shareholders Category - Up to Rs 2 Lakhs

    Note: There is no such limit if you are applying only in the shareholder's category.

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