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Zerodha Kite Shortcut Keys | Zerodha Kite Function Keys | Zerodha Kite Hot Keys

Zerodha Kite Logo
Zerodha Kite is the flagship trading platform offered by Zerodha, India's most popular stock broker. Kite platform has a website and mobile trading app which is developed in-house by Zerodha.

Kite Web provides a list of shortcuts which can be used to take actions or navigate through kite application quickly. The shortcuts are very convenient and useful feature of Kite software. Here is the list of shortcuts offered by Kite.

Kite Shortcut Keys

Zerodha Kite Shortcuts
Shortcut KeysDetailAction
AAccount OverviewGo to the account overview page
~SearchGo to the smart search box on the left top
Ctrl+shift+1 Switch to particular Market Watch based on the number at end (1 to 5).
BBuyHover over the scrip on the watchlist and press B to initiate a Buy Order Window.
SSellHover over the scrip on the watchlist and press S to initiate a Sell Order Window.
DMarket DepthHover over the scrip on the watchlist and press D to open Market Depth.
OOrder BookOpen Order Book.
FFund TransferOpen Fund transfer and withdrawal page
HHoldingsOpen Holdings page to view current holdings.
PPositionTo track, monitor, act on all F&O and intraday equity positions
CChartTo initiate charts for selected script

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