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Zerodha Zerodha Kite FAQs

Zerodha Kite Logo
Zerodha Kite is the flagship trading platform offered by Zerodha, India's most popular stock broker. Kite platform has a website and mobile trading app which is developed in-house by Zerodha.


  1. Who owns Zerodha Kite trading platform?

    Zerodha own's Zerodha Kite trading platform.

    Zerodha is a leading stock broker in India with lakhs of customers. The company offers online discount stock & commodity broking services at NSE, BSE and MCX. It also offers Mutual Fund investments and demat account services.

  2. Does Zerodha Kite offer install-able trading terminal?


  3. Does Zerodha Kite (Zerodha) offer website for trading?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite platform offer browser based trading website.

  4. Does Zerodha Kite offer mobile app for trading?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite offer mobile app for trading.

  5. Does Zerodha Kite offer API's?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite API is available for Algo Trading.

  6. Does Zerodha Kite offered by multiple stockbrokers?

    No. This platform is specific to Zerodha

  7. Can I trade in equity (cash, intra-day, futures and options) using Zerodha Kite?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite offers equity trading at BSE and NSE.

  8. Can I trade in currency derivatives using Zerodha Kite?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite offers trading in currency futures & options at BSE and NSE.

  9. Can I trade in commodities at MCX using Zerodha Kite?

    Yes, Zerodha Kite offer commodity trading at MCX.

  10. Does Zerodha Kite offer online IPO Applications?

    No. This platform doesn't allow online applications in IPO's at BSE and NSE.

  11. Does Zerodha Kite offer online mutual fund investment?

    No. You cannot buy Mutual Funds online using Zerodha Kite.

  12. Does Zerodha Kite has integrated back office?

    No. The broker offer a seprate back office software. The backoffice is not part of Zerodha Kite.

  13. Can I trade directly from charts in Zerodha Kite?

    Yes, you place order from charts in Zerodha Kite.

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1. Tejaswini  Jun 24, 2021 1:56:42 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Hi...In zerodha kite platform..when I open any chart in live market,supppose example 12 pm..candles are not showing ftom 9:15 which is market opening at the present date...candles are showing from the time we open the chart...
Can anyone help me out to change settings to show candles from market opening time