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Tradelab Pi is a front-end stock trading platform. It offers web, mobile and desktop-based trading applications for retail traders. Designed for beginners to advanced traders, these trading apps are simple yet very powerful in terms of speed of execution and rich features.

Pi Desktop Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Keys

Change Password

Ctrl + Shift + F9


Alt+ F4

Buy Order

F1 or Alt + F1

Sell Order

F2 or Alt + F2

Cover Order Buy

Shift + F1

Cover Order Sell

Shift + F2

After Market Order Buy

Ctrl + F1

After Market Order Sell

Ctrl + F2

Bracket Order Buy

Shift + F3

Bracket Order Sell

Shift + F4

Order Book


Modify Order

Shift + M

Cancel Order

Shift + K

Cancel All

Shift + A

Exit Order

Shift + E

Trade Book


Admin Position


Cash Position

Ctrl + Shift + V

Stock Holding

Alt + F9

User Settings

Ctrl + P

View Market Index

Ctrl + M

View Quick Order

Ctrl + Q

Scrip Property

Shift + F7

Snap Quote


Chart settings

Shift + C

Add blank space in market watch

Space Bar

Chart Shortcuts

1. Zoom Out/In

Arrow Key Down/ Up

2. Scroll Left /Right

Arrow key Left/Right

3. Navigate to 1st 100 bars


4. Navigate to last 100 bars



Ctrl + R

switch between Alpha Trader Document Tabs

Ctrl + TAB

Lock Alpha Trader

Ctrl + Alt + L

Delete (symbol from market watch, or selected indicators/drawings from chart)


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