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Tradelab Software Pvt. Ltd. Tradelab Pi FAQs

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Tradelab Pi is a front-end stock trading platform. It offers web, mobile and desktop-based trading applications for retail traders. Designed for beginners to advanced traders, these trading apps are simple yet very powerful in terms of speed of execution and rich features.
  • What is Tradelab Pi?

    Tradelab Pi is an online trading platform. Pi offers to trade through the web, mobile and installable desktop trading terminal. It offers to trade across segments and exchanges.

    Pi trading software is built and maintained by Tradelab, a Bangalore based software company. Pi is third party software rented by stockbrokers to offer online stock and commodity trading to their customers. As of Jan 2019, it is used by 10+ stockbrokers to offer online trading to their customers.

    Launched in 2015, Pi is the most technologically advanced, fast and secure trading platform available. The key feature of Pi includes advance charts, advanced order types, elegant user interface, seamless experience between a mobile app, trading website and installable trading terminal.

  • Is Tradelab Pi trading software available free of cost for clients?

    Yes, almost all brokers who offer Tradelab Pi software offer it for free of charges to its customers.

    Note that the stockbrokers rent this software from Tradelab Software Pvt Ltd. These brokers rebrand the software by customizing looks and feel.

  • Does Pi trading software have sound alerts?

    Tradelab Pi doesn't have sound alerts but users can use an external plugin for sound alerts.

  • What segments are supported by Tradelab Pi?

    Tradelab Pi supports Commodity, Currency, Equity, and F&O segments.

  • Does Tradelab Pi support Algo trading?

    No, Pi doesn't offer Algo trading. Pi only provides a front-end application for trading. It uses Omnesys API, RMS, and OMS in the backend.

    Some of the brokers (i.e. Zerodha) who provide Pi trading software also provide Algo trading by giving direct access to Omnesys trading API to the customers.

  • What is the role of the scanner in the Tradelab Pi software?

    The Pi stock scanner is part of its desktop application. It is a tool to search the symbols based on certain criterion.

  • Can I scan stocks aftermarket is closed in Tradeplus Pi?

    The stock scanner offered as part of the Pi Desktop App is a real-time scanner. You couldn't access the stocks after market closing.

  • Is Zerodha Pi the same Tradelab Pi?

    Pi software is built by Tradelab. It is customized to use for Zerodha customer and re-branded as Zerodha Pi. Technically it is the same software.

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  1. Who owns Tradelab Pi trading platform?

    Tradelab Software Pvt. Ltd. own's Tradelab Pi trading platform.

    Incorporated in 2012, Tradelab Software Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore, India based software company offering stock trading software and tools.

    Tradelab was incubated by IIT Kharagpur. It is the brainchild of Sandeep Mishra and Biplab Sinha. They were later joined by Satish Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan, Dilip Kumar Singh, and Sanjeet Kumar.

    Tradelab builds advanced software and tools for stock brokers. They launched their first product Pi, a frontend trading platform for online trading, in March 2015. As of Jan 2019, the company has over 10 online brokers as customers. Zerodha, the leading discount stock broker was one of the early customers of Tradelab.

    Tradelab also provides consultancy services to brokers in developing their existing software and to make it more user-friendly.

  2. Does Tradelab Pi offer install-able trading terminal?

    Yes, Tradelab Software Pvt. Ltd. owned Tradelab Pi trading platform offer installable trading application for windows computers.

  3. Does Tradelab Pi (Tradelab Software Pvt. Ltd.) offer website for trading?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi platform offer browser based trading website.

  4. Does Tradelab Pi offer mobile app for trading?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi offer mobile app for trading.

  5. Does Tradelab Pi offer API's?


  6. Does Tradelab Pi offered by multiple stockbrokers?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi is offered by many brokers in India.

  7. Can I trade in equity (cash, intra-day, futures and options) using Tradelab Pi?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi offers equity trading at BSE and NSE.

  8. Can I trade in currency derivatives using Tradelab Pi?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi offers trading in currency futures & options at BSE and NSE.

  9. Can I trade in commodities at MCX using Tradelab Pi?

    Yes, Tradelab Pi offer commodity trading at MCX.

  10. Does Tradelab Pi offer online IPO Applications?

    No. This platform doesn't allow online applications in IPO's at BSE and NSE.

  11. Does Tradelab Pi offer online mutual fund investment?

    No. You cannot buy Mutual Funds online using Tradelab Pi.

  12. Does Tradelab Pi has integrated back office?

    No. The broker offer a seprate back office software. The backoffice is not part of Tradelab Pi.

  13. Can I trade directly from charts in Tradelab Pi?

    Yes, you place order from charts in Tradelab Pi.

  14. How many charts can I open in same window in Tradelab Pi?


Zerodha (Flat Rs 20 Per Trade)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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