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Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow or BTST trade is a facility offered by stockbrokers in India wherein the shares you buy using delivery trading can be sold before they are credited to the demat account.

BTST Trading Explained

BTST shares can be sold either on the same day or in the next 2 days. In normal CNC orders, the shares are credited in T+2 days where T is the day of trading.

A BTST order is useful if the share price jump the very next day or an urgent need for cash arises. In this case, you don't have to wait for shares to be delivered to your demat account before selling them.

Many stockbrokers in India offer BTST trading. This includes full-service and discount stockbrokers.

BTST Brokers

Broker Category BTST Brokerage Active Clients Request Callback Review
ZerodhaDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)1,598,948Open AccountZerodha Review
ICICI DirectFull Service Broker0.55%1,081,960Open AccountICICI Direct Review
HDFC SecuritiesFull Service Broker0.50%726,197Open AccountHDFC Securities Review
UpstoxDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)675,551Open AccountUpstox Review
Angel BrokingFull Service Broker₹0 (Free)629,260Open AccountAngel Broking Review
Kotak SecuritiesFull Service Broker0.49%583,482Open AccountKotak Securities Review
SharekhanFull Service Broker0.50%547,950Open AccountSharekhan Review
5paisaDiscount Broker₹20 per executed order489,661Open Account5paisa Review
Motilal OswalFull Service Broker0.50%385,535Open AccountMotilal Oswal Review
AxisDirectFull Service Broker0.50%271,990Open AccountAxisDirect Review
SBI SecuritiesFull Service Broker0.50%261,951Open AccountSBI Securities Review
IIFL SecuritiesFull Service Broker0.50%224,450Open AccountIIFL Securities Review
EdelweissFull Service Broker₹10 per executed order130,926Open AccountEdelweiss Review
Alice BlueDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)43,235Open AccountAlice Blue Review
BonanzaFull Service Broker0.10%35,726Open AccountBonanza Review
SAS OnlineDiscount Broker₹013,364Open AccountSAS Online Review
FyersDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)7,099Open AccountFyers Review
FinvasiaDiscount Broker₹06,176Open AccountFinvasia Review
ProstocksDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)6,000Open AccountProstocks Review
RMoneyDiscount Broker₹0 (Free)2,207Open AccountRMoney Review


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