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Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd IPO (Astron Paper IPO) Detail

Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 20, 2017

Incorporated in 2010, Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd is Ahmadabad based manufacturer of Kraft paper, also known as paperboard or cardboard. The paper produced by the company is used mainly in packaging industry for manufacturing corrugated boxes and liners, corrugated sacks and composite containers.

Astron Paper has manufacturing facility in Halvad, Gujarat. Company uses waste paper as raw material.

The Company is having Triple Wire Machine with a daily capacity of 350 MT along with daily pulp mill capacity of 400 MT. Astron Paper is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001, UKAS Management systems and FSC certified.

Company Promoters:

The promoters of the company are Mr. Kirti G. Patel, Mr. Ramakant Patel and Mr. Karshanbhai Patel. Asian Granito India Ltd is the corporate promoter of the company. Equity shares of Asian Granito are listed at BSE and NSE since year 2007. For more detail click the links below:

Company Financials:

Summary of financial Information (Restated)
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. million)
31-Mar-17 31-Mar-16 31-Mar-15
Total Assets 1727.51 1584.46 1372.42
Total Revenue 1845.89 1578.53 1521.37
Profit After Tax 99.59 60.85 41.29

Objects of the Issue:

Astron Paper intends to utilize the net proceeds from this public issue towards the following objects:
1. Setting up of additional facility for manufacturing of lower GSM and lower B.F Kraft Paper,
2. Part repayment of unsecured loan,
3. Funding the working capital requirements and
4. General corporate purposes.

Astron Paper IPO Details
Issue OpenDec 15, 2017 - Dec 20, 2017
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Issue Size14,000,000 Eq Shares of Rs 10
(aggregating up to Rs 70.00 Cr)
Face ValueRs 10 Per Equity Share
Issue PriceRs 45 - Rs 50 Per Equity Share
Market Lot280 Shares
Min Order Quantity280 Shares
Listing AtBSE, NSE

Press Releases

Astron Paper IPO Subscription Status (Live)

Astron Paper IPO how much subscribed?

No. of Times Issue Subscribed (BSE + NSE)

As on Date & Time






Shares Offered






Dec 20, 2017 17:00






Astron Paper IPO Prospectus

Astron Paper IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 4.1 stars

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Astron Paper IPO Listing Date

  •   ›  Listing Date: Friday, December 29, 2017
  •   ›  BSE Script Code: 540824
  •   ›  NSE Symbol: ASTRON
  •   ›  Listing In:
  •   ›  ISIN: INE646X01014
  •   ›  Issue Price: Rs 50 Per Equity Share
  •   ›  Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share

Listing Day Trading Information

Issue Price:
Last Trade:
Rs 50.00
Rs 114.00
Rs 113.10
Rs 119.70
Rs 119.70
Rs 50.00
Rs 115.00
Rs 112.50
Rs 120.75
Rs 120.75

Astron Paper IPO Reviews / Ratings

Company Contact Information

Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd
Ganesh Meridian, D-702,7th Floor,
Opposite High Court, S-G Highway,
Ahmedabad 380060
Phone: +91 79 40081221
Fax: +91 79 40081220

Astron Paper IPO Registrar

Link Intime India Private Ltd   »  Report
   Link Intime India Private Ltd
   C 101, 247 Park, L.B.S.Marg,
   Vikhroli (West), Mumbai - 400083

Phone: +91-22-4918 6270
Fax: +91-22-4918 6060

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Astron Paper IPO Review / Comments

1097. JAGAN MOHAN VUPPALA  Jan 27, 2018 09:57 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Past 7-8 day onwards astron IPO share price is come down to 3-4 rupees on daily basis. I had buy 66 shares at Rs. 121/- on listing day, shall I hold or sell these shares. I am new for share market. Please anybody give suggest on this.
1097.1. Manofsteel  Jan 27, 2018 12:26 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Can come down in the short term.
But future looks bright.
Hold it if you can for some months.
1096. Shivajee  Jan 12, 2018 21:19 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)

sorry for replying you lately, reply you can see below. I was out on important work.

1096.2. Shivajee  Jan 18, 2018 11:03 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)

1096.3. Mathews  Jan 18, 2018 17:42 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hi Mr.Shivajee,

Mr. Porinju is picking up scripts like Sarda Plywood, Shalimar Paints etc which he himself is shying away from commenting on. In my opinion he has got Aspinwall as a private investment which has got some merits. Yesterday from Bloomberg I noticed, his fund picked up a bit of Confidence Petroleum and share is up nearly 10% today. But it high risky business he is indulging in. Some of the picks are suspicious too for reason that lakhs of shares transacted as "bulk deal" on a particular day when script''s average trading volumes are much less and not fancied.

Just for your curiosity. Please check the major share holders and bulk deals of Viceroy Hotels from Can see two of the most prominent investors of India made substantial investment in this hotel. One investment being done in as late as September, 2017. Study this script, there investments, time period and come back. I had a question for u .
1095. Chem cho  Jan 18, 2018 10:12 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1700+ Posts, 1500+ Likes)
RS 151 ON 18 JAN 18
1094. v for vendetta  Jan 16, 2018 20:09 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (200+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
This stock is not worth above 60-70 rupees.
The Price went skyhigh just because of hype, choking of supply in short term.
1093. Mathews  Jan 10, 2018 07:11 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
There is something wrong with this IPO. Everything is artificial about it. You can compare it with some of the junk infra shares hitting UC every day. These infra companies had nothing in their hand or books. Just tons of debit establishing the banking sector. Remember the capital infusion of 2 lakhs crore to save them from collapsing. They live in the past glory but operators place such orders which could not be got executed and later cancel them. Poor lay investors after seeing the UC jump into to buy it and later see LC every day when their turn comes for sell. They will sell at a price much lower than from what they bought. Listen to Porinju : In stock market keep your eyes and ears open. Plenty of things are happening around dear.
1093.3. Mathews  Jan 10, 2018 23:14 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Dear Shivaje,
Thanks for your reply. Today, EQ India fund bought 5 lakh share of Som Distilleries. It appears from the Bloomberg data on twitter that Mr. Porinju alos bought 1.5 lakhs of this company. He was tweeting about under ownership of Indian liquor companies. Today Som Distilleries scaled new heights.

Coming to back to bank deposits, my view is that all bank deposits are safe in India. The reason being that the government of the day has to save public sector banks from a collapse at any cost since FD is the only social security product owned by most of the Indian old age people.

No need to go to a bank, if u can identity a company like Sundaram Finance for investment. Risk free share. They very conservative and safe players in the NBFC market. Just have a look at their capital structure and bonus share issue. During last 30 years 8 times they issued bonus shares, mostly in the ratio 1:1. You can buy this share on any day and keep it in your safe just like an FD!!

By the way, Astron papers started hitting LC!!!! That is no news.

Happy investing.

What is your take on Rain Industries?? Carbon, cement an, specialty chemicals in one basket. Is it a good bet?? I think so. What is your opinion??
1093.4. Shivajee  Jan 12, 2018 21:18 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
Mathews, Thanks for the Som Distillaries pick of PV. Your name sounds a keralite and i am very near too. He has been telling that some underowned sectors are there on channels and I believe this sector is one of them. Just let me know if there is any site that informs us if such a big guy like PV buys a stock Immeidately, so that we can study or invest the same like copy cats.

I can understand your point of safety of deposits of India, but there are some drastic changes going on like demon, etc.further the Indian public sector banks'' NPA is one of the highest in the world which is not a good sign. They are getting infused by govt. Next step, there are talks of bail in" clause of FRDI bill. Need to pray that sucha bill does not come at all. Since it is the common man affected and the big fish who has taken loans in huge crores are written off as NPA. It is ultimately the common man''s tax money that goes in as influx or bail in in the case of dissolution of a public sector. I think the private sector banks don''t have the political influencers to swell up the NPA and they are running under profit smoothly. what i mean to say is that, they have less NPA in pvt banking sector.

Rain industries is supported by many Ace pickers and the results are due next month. The peer Goa Carbon is not into cement, but has concentrated business in electrodes. they have posted good results which is seen as a good parameter scale for rain industries.Also, rain itself has performed well last time and the results were good. There is also increase of electrode prices worldwide due to demand and Chinese shutting down their units due to pollution issues. Graphite electrode was a small sector but that was the most performing sector of last year (rain was 10 bagger goa carbon was 10 bagger, HEG,and others followed suite. ). Future growth is expected good and you can see Goa Carbon touching higher highs. Motilal Oswal has fixed target for Rain as 492. This year, sure growth will continue in my view, but i dont think it will be a 10 bagger like last year (from 44 to 450 range).

Be in touch.
1092. BAMBAM  Jan 12, 2018 17:31 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear all exprts......What is expected range of trading
1091. Common man view  Jan 12, 2018 07:14 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear all exprts......What is expected range of trading and trading pattern remains today......experts pls share your view .............
1090. Manofsteel  Jan 11, 2018 15:35 I Like It. | Report Abuse
What percentage will be the Circuit limits from tomorrow for Astron... 5 % or 10% or 20%.??
1090.2. Manofsteel  Jan 11, 2018 19:07 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Isn''t it supposed to be 10%?
1090.3. Baelish  Jan 12, 2018 00:09 I Like It. | Report Abuse
1089. Common man view  Jan 8, 2018 11:56 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Shivajee .....thanks a lot for giving such a valuable information.....but one more thing is is it better to hold stock upto 12th jan 18.....let us guide...........
1089.1. Shivajee  Jan 9, 2018 10:15 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
Common man,

For the answer, please see message 1083.2. Again, it depends on your holding capacity.
In my view, for a common man, with low capital, we should book profits so that we can get going forward with trading. This is already a 3 bagger (multibagger). There are many cases in shares when it hit UC continuously, it also hit LC continuously.

So, the options are
1. Book partial profits so that you get a feeling of having earned something..

2. Have the rest of the shares as portfolio holding, so that you get a feeling of having some stocks as asset for short, medium or long term according to your holding capacity.

Win-win , 50:50. These are just suggestions of choice, its up to you to take decision.!!
1089.2. YRK  Jan 11, 2018 13:36 I Like It. | Report Abuse
good information Shivajee
1088. Cool Sunshine  Jan 7, 2018 21:37 I Like It. 3 | Report Abuse
Now is the point when everyone should decide their exit point.

This stock has already moved up significantly with very low volume and whenever reversal happens, we can expect many continuous LCs.

There have been few sellers ......after reversal there will be very few buyers..........
1088.7. Cool Sunshine  Jan 7, 2018 23:11 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse

For some reason my reply has appeared as separate message currently #1077.

With this I rest my case.

1088.8. Cool Sunshine  Jan 10, 2018 12:15 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
It moved up with multiple 5% UC .....after Friday it could move down with 20% LC wiping most of the profit accrued.

Suggestion for Short term cautious and keep looking for the opportunity to exit at good profit.
1087. Shivajee  Jan 8, 2018 09:42 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)

For those who are worried about T group of AStron paper and board mill, you have got good news from BSE INDia, although old news.

Subject      Change in Group of Equity Shares of Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited
In continuation to the Exchange’s notice no. 20171228-44 dated Thursday, December 28, 2017 Trading Members are hereby informed that the trading in the equity shares of Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited (Scrip Code: 540824) shall be transferred from Trade for Trade segment (T Group) to Rolling segment with effect from January 12, 2018. Accordingly, the dealings in the equity shares of the company will be shifted under B Group.

Trading Members may please contact Ms. Rupal Khandelwal on Tel. No. 022 – 2272 8262 for further details.

Rupal Khandelwal

Friday, December 29, 2017


1087.2. Shivajee  Jan 9, 2018 10:04 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
Empty sir,

It depends on your holding capacity. It means Friday, the circuit limit is revised and you might get chance to sell the shares. So

Scenario 1. If you want to sell partially or fully you can do that, since this news creates an avenue to sell.

Scenario 2. If you want to hold for long term, this news does not matter.

1087.3. Sultaann  Jan 10, 2018 11:28 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IS it good for long term?
1086. Shivajee  Jan 10, 2018 10:38 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)

iF A STOCK HITS LC OR UC...what is the time to place premarket order so that it gets executed (is it 9.5, 913)?
1086.1. Hellrazor  Jan 10, 2018 10:43 I Like It. | Report Abuse
I posted order at9.16 to sell at market price and got executed.
1085. Vijendra  Jan 10, 2018 08:17 I Like It. | Report Abuse
NSE 161.20 == lower circuit started
1084. Small Investor  Jan 9, 2018 16:13 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
when Circuit Filterer date

change from T Group to B group
1084.1. ipo share  Jan 9, 2018 18:32 I Like It. | Report Abuse
12th Jan.
1083. sujee  Jan 9, 2018 08:28 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Now every one is on to edge and wanted to know when to sell.

Friday is near.
1082. AnkurGoel  Jan 8, 2018 16:08 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (900+ Posts, 800+ Likes)
Barbeque nation is approved by Sebi.
1081. Common man view  Jan 8, 2018 09:16 I Like It. | Report Abuse
@experts.......can any one share trading method i n t group circuit limits......etc......pls share in detail....
1081.1. Shivajee  Jan 8, 2018 09:23 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
What are T-Group shares?
The "T" group represents securities which are settled on a trade-to-trade basis as a surveillance measure.

When a stock is in T-group, intraday trading (i.e speculation) is not allowed.

Only buying or only selling (but not both during the same day) is allowed.

This means that only investors will be able to either buy / sell the shares of the company.

If a stock still hits upper or lower circuits consecutively for few fays, there is a high chance that it will be moved to T-group.

As said earlier, this is done as a surveillance measure.

Company shares in this segment are like caged birds.

Because of the limitations involved, there will not be much of volumes in the stock.

It is better to avoid such shares because we cannot know what checks or surveillance is being done by the stock exchanges.

Rule #31: Avoid investing in T-group company shares till they are moved to its parent group
Other similar term used for T-group is XT-group (T-group companies that are listed only on BSE) and MT-group (T-group shares for SME companies
1080. Cool Sunshine  Jan 7, 2018 23:04 I Like It. 3 | Report Abuse
I repeat ........

Do we believe that this stock will continue trading at this or higher valuations over extended period or not? If we don''''t believe then it is time to decide exit point otherwise exit will become very difficult unless we stay with this stock for long term.........

It seems you do believe that elevated valuations will continue to hold for this scrip in long term..........then keep holding and you may add more as is your choice. Did I suggest anywhere "exit immediately"

My point of view is that it is time to decide our exit point, I didn''t say what should be one''s exit point or whether one should exit or not.

Understand that significantly higher percentage of retail applicant apply in IPO for listing gains only and generally do not intend to be in same stock for very long term.

I will leave it to individuals to decide for oneselves......if Astron Papers is really in the same category as Shankara and Apex Foods are not. IMO it is not.
1079. Baelish  Jan 7, 2018 22:18 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
I am new in stock market and do not have much knowledge, but one thing I can tell because I am experienced enough in life. People who don''t get chance to sail on ship, does crib when they sail on boat.

Those who got chance to enter at earlier level or IPO allottees are enjoying this madness and those who waited long enough are now cribbing about it.

I am not here to pick a fight or debate senselessly, just want to say that this scrip has surpassed all the valuation and technical levels, and have move way beyond from such fundamentals things.

What can be the exit level? next entry level? should book profit or enter?


Disclosure : Holding 500 at price 114.95
1078. Cool Sunshine  Jan 7, 2018 22:06 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Does all so called multibagger stocks trade at UC and LC only?
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