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4. AnkurGoel  Jun 21, 2019 13:51 Reply

SBC Exports Limited IPO

Kalin bhai from Mirzapur ;)
3. AnkurGoel  May 27, 2019 21:48 Reply

Suich Industries Limited IPO

Delhi based companies lacks corporate governance and always invoice in scams. So it is avoid. I can remember power technology sme ipo which was disaster.
2. AnkurGoel  Apr 2, 2019 10:20 Reply

Polycab India Limited IPO

Does five application still allowed under asba? I read some where in this forum that application not belonging to account holder will be rejected being a "Third party account transfer".
2.2. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 2, 2019 14:31

Polycab India Limited IPO

Only one application is allowed from one account as per 2019 rules.
2.3. RAJAKUMAR  Apr 2, 2019 15:28

Polycab India Limited IPO

Joint Account can be used. If joint account is linked with demat account.
For example. A and B is joint account.If both person is linked with demat account means both can apply in that joint account.
1. AnkurGoel  Mar 24, 2019 20:06 Reply

Metropolis Healthcare Limited IPO

A quality stock comes. Let us see pricing.
5.1. Indy  Mar 24, 2019 20:41

Metropolis Healthcare Limited IPO

Ipo is good or bad wholly depends upon pricing
5.2. AnkurGoel  Mar 24, 2019 23:32

Metropolis Healthcare Limited IPO

@andy, sometime aggressive pricing also justified for good IPOs.

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