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Link Intime India Private Ltd (Previously known as Intime Spectrum Registry Ltd) is engaged in actitvities of registrars in India. In 1999, Intime Share Services Pvt. Ltd. and Spectrum Corporate Services Ltd merged and became Intime Spectrum Registry Ltd to offer their registry services combinely.

Intime Spectrum is the leading Registrar in handling a various IPO's in last few years.

Services offered by Link Intime India Private Ltd

  • Total Share Registry Services: Intime Spectrum offers share registry and servicing operations in the country. Services include:
    • Registering transfer of shares in the physical form;
    • Dematerializing / Rematerializing share certificates;
    • Integrating electronic beneficiary positions with the physical shareholding;
    • Advisory services & value additions.
    • Registering Change of Address, Power of Attorneys, etc;
    • Dividend distribution & reconciliation;
    • Facilitating shareholder polls and scrutiny of poll voting;
    • Interaction with SEBI, Stock Exchanges, and other statutory bodies;
    • Dispatching all corporate communications to the shareholders;
  • Depository Connectivity Services: Intime Spectrum works with both Depositories and offers the electronic connectivity interface for not only listed but also for unlisted companies. Services include:
    • Corporate actions;
    • Interacting with CDSL/NSDL for ISIN creation and activation;
    • Interacting with stockbrokers.
    • Reconciliation of electronic holding;
  • Initial Public Offer's related Registry Services: Intime Spectrum is engaged in providing services as a Registrars of the IPO's for the Fixed Price process and Book Build process. Services include:
    • Collecting Information, Data, Forms;
    • Pre issue planning;
    • Reconciliation;
    • Data Capturing;
    • Dispatching refund orders / share certificates etc;
    • Providing allotment alternatives;
    • Facilitating listing;
    • Uploading data to NSDL and CDSL for crediting shares in electrionic format;
    • Reconciliation refund payments;
    • Post issue Help-desk services.
  • Rights and Bonus Issues Related Registry Services: It also works for rights & bonus issues for the listed companies. Services include:
    • Post issue Help Desk services.
    • Uploading data to NSDL and CDSL for crediting shares in electrionic format;
    • Post closure processing & allotment;
    • Processing and then dispatching entitlement forms with the offer document;
    • Dispatching share certificates, refunds or value warrants;
    • Collecting information on receipts / data / forms;
    • Reconciliation of refund / value payments;
    • Facilitating listing;
  • Fixed Deposit Registry Services: Services include:
    • Help Desk services.
    • Processing fresh / renewal applications;
    • Interest processing & dispatch;
    • Facilitating filing of statutory returns;
    • Reconciliation Principal & Interest amount;
    • Printing & dispatching FD Receipts;
  • Bonds and Debenture Registry Services: Services include:
    • Facilitating filing of various statutory returns.
    • Initial Database creation of Applications received;
    • Reconciliation of Interest / Redemption warrants;
    • Reconciliation with money received by Bankers;
    • Issuing Physical and Electronic allotment advice/Certificate;
    • Deduction of Tax at Source;
    • Interface with depositories;
    • Timely interest processing;

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Link Intime India Private Ltd
Link Intime India Private Ltd
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IPO's by Link Intime India Private Ltd as Registrar