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IPO Lead Manager Performance 2024

The report about IPO Lead Manager performance in 2024. Compare lead managers in India by their listing day success and failure of the IPO handled by them. The report includes both Mainboard and SME IPO.

At a great extent, the success or failure of an IPO depends on a lead manager. The lead manager decides the pricing, dates, size of IPO. They also help the company selling its IPO shares to public and institutional buyers. Most investors and IPO analysts check the profile of a lead manager before applying in an IPO.

The lead manager or merchant banker is a SEBI registered financial institutions. They play the most critical role in the IPO process. The book running lead manager work closely with the company from day one until the IPO shares get listed at the stock exchanges. They help companies preparing for IPO, write the DRHP / RHP documents and get them approved from the exchanges and SEBI. They decide the offer price, public issue dates and listing dates of the IPO in consultation with the company. They also take care of regulatory requirement and educate the company in for pre and post IPO compliances.

Below report shows the performance of a lead manager for 2024 IPO's. It tries to answers questions like:

  • How many IPO's were managed by a lead manager?
  • How many of these IPO gave listing gains to investors?
  • How many IPO list at the exchange below their issue price?
  • How much average gain/loss investors made on listing day?

IPO Merchant Banker performance 2024

Lead Manager Total IPO Positive Listing Negative Listing Average Gain
Affinity Global Capital Market Private Limited11024.09%
Aryaman Financial Services Limited1107.73%
Axis Bank Limited2207.06%
Axis Capital Limited96314.69%
Bajaj Capital Limited11043.39%
Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd14140127.33%
Bob Capital Markets Limited11042.76%
Centrum Capital Limited202-11.41%
Choice Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd11038.35%
Citigroup Global Markets India Private Limited22015.44%
Clsa India Private Limited11010.36%
Corporate Capitalventures Pvt Ltd440146.16%
Corpwis Advisors Private Limited1105.00%
Dam Capital Advisors Ltd (Formerly Idfc Securities Ltd)303-8.51%
Ekadrisht Capital Private Limited220181.61%
Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd211-5.68%
Equirus Capital Private Limited21111.83%
Expert Global Consultants Private Limited33045.57%
Fast Track Finsec Pvt Ltd1100.14%
Fedex Securities Pvt Ltd109131.48%
Finshore Management Services Limited22015.32%
First Overseas Capital Limited202-10.04%
Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Private Limited11052.70%
Gretex Corporate Services Limited55054.67%
GYR Capital Advisors Private Limited770167.36%
Hdfc Bank Limited2207.73%
Hem Securities Limited1514159.42%
Holani Consultants Private Limited220179.76%
Horizon Management Private Limited32139.52%
ICICI Securities Limited1410412.50%
Iifl Securities Ltd76119.00%
Indorient Financial Services Ltd11030.04%
Inga Ventures Pvt Ltd101-0.38%
Intensive Fiscal Services Private Limited101-10.21%
Interactive Financial Services Ltd4318.07%
Inventure Merchant Banker Services Pvt Ltd22043.32%
Isk Advisors Pvt Ltd32125.53%
J.P. Morgan India Private Limited11026.25%
Jawa Capital Services Private Limited21120.04%
Jefferies India Private Limited32121.03%
Jm Financial Limited75212.36%
Keynote Financial Services Ltd21113.47%
Khambatta Securities Limited110192.72%
Khandwala Securities Limited22060.76%
Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited22015.44%
Kreo Capital Private Limited101-13.15%
Monarch Networth Capital Ltd11058.91%
Morgan Stanley India Company Pvt Ltd11012.41%
Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Limited101-8.59%
Narnolia Financial Services Ltd43147.54%
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd11045.56%
Nomura Financial Advisory And Securities (India) Pvt Ltd22015.44%
Nuvama Wealth Management Limited4222.48%
Oneview Corporate Advisors Private Limited22097.86%
Pantomath Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd11011.32%
SBI Capital Markets Limited85310.00%
Share India Capital Services Private Limited44049.83%
Shreni Shares Limited88043.10%
Sun Capital Advisory Services (P) Ltd11017.79%
Swaraj shares and securities private limited11025.65%
Swastika Investmart Ltd33089.17%
Systematix Corporate Services Limited11058.91%
Unistone Capital Pvt Ltd33087.57%

Please note

  • The report only considers IPO which are listed on the stock exchanges. The IPO's which are in-progress or withdrawn are not considered in this report.
  • This report shows the number of IPO handled by the lead manager in the calendar year 2024.