Inventure Merchant Banker Services Pvt Ltd Lead Manager's IPO Performance

Inventure Merchant Banker Services Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker offering lead manager services to IPOs in India. Lead managers are the key entity in an IPO. They are involved at every single step of IPO.

The below report provides the list of IPOs handled by Inventure Merchant Banker Services Pvt Ltd lead manager. The report also provides information about:

  1. How many times did issues got subscribed (over-subscribed)?
  2. The final issue price was discovered during IPO Process.
  3. The listing gains/loss in percentage.

Inventure Merchant Banker Services Pvt Ltd IPOs & Listing Gain

Issuer Company Mainline / SME IPO? Listing Date Issue Size
(in Rs Crore)
Over-subscription (Total) Issue Price % Change on Listing Day
Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces LtdSMEJun 17, 20229.001.6818-15.56
Brandbucket Media & Technology LimitedSMEDec 31, 20218.251.5855-4.55
Omnipotent Industries LimitedSMENov 29, 202118.901.176349.29
AA Plus Tradelink LimitedSMEJul 22, 20216.481.4618-2.78
Navoday Enterprises LimitedSMEJun 25, 20214.612.3620-7.25
Parshva Enterprises LimitedSMEJul 01, 20193.651.2452.22
Penta Gold LimitedSMEApr 25, 201813.320.59370.00
CRP Risk Management LtdSMEJan 31, 201830.822.2760-17.17
Rithwik Facility Management Services LtdSMEJan 11, 20184.0550-9.10
SecUR Credentials LtdSMENov 13, 201730.07205-3.12
Vanta Bioscience LtdSMEOct 06, 20177.56500.40
Univastu India LtdSMEJul 27, 20175.99400.50
Aanchal Ispat LtdSMEDec 10, 201416.00205.00
Carewell Industries LtdSMEAug 12, 20144.9615-9.00
GCM Capital Advisors LtdSMEMay 21, 20142076.00
Anisha Impex LtdSMEMar 18, 20146.501043.50
Unishire Urban Infra LtdSMEFeb 28, 20146.431014.50
Newever Trade Wings LtdSMEOct 17, 20136.321028.00
VKJ Infradevelopers LtdSMEAug 30, 201312.7525-4.80
Silverpoint Infratech LtdSMEAug 28, 201312.0015-9.33
GCM Commodity & Derivatives LtdSMEApr 05, 20137.0220241.25
GCM Securities LtdSMEApr 05, 201312.1820241.25
Bronze infra-tech LtdSMENov 07, 2012158.67
  • Report - Lead Manager Performance Tracker
  • Over-subscription (Total): Number of Times Issue is Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
  • Issue Price: The price of share issued to public.
  • * % Change on Listing Day: Percent gain/loss from Issue price to the close Price.

Note: This report only provide data about IPOs and do not cover FPOs.