How to transfer shares using CDSL Easiest?

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CDSL provides an online facility to transfer the shares from one Demat account to another using CDSL Easiest. To use this facility, both the Demat account should be with CDSL.

Steps to transfer shares using CDSL Easiest

  1. Register for CDSL Easiest.
  2. Add Trusted account details. (You can add up to 4 trusted accounts) The activation of trusted accounts may take up to 24 working hours.
  3. Once the trusted account is set up, go to 'Setup' on the transaction section.
  4. Select Bulk Setup.
  5. Click on the Transaction tab.
  6. Enter the below details and Submit
    1. Execution date.
    2. Recipient BO ID.
    3. ISIN
    4. Quantity
    5. Reason for transfer
  7. Click on verify to verify your request.
  8. Click on Commit.
  9. Enter your CDSL Easiest PIN and click on OK. (8- digit pin received at the time of CDSL Easiest registration)

Once the DP confirms the request, the shares get transferred.


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