How to transfer brokerage account in India?

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The brokerage account transfer in India requires opening an account with a new broker, transferring shares and closure the existing account.

Moving account from one broker to another is easy, convenient and safe. Millions of investors do it every year. It takes a couple of week's time.

Steps to transfer brokerage account in India

  1. Open an online account with a new broker.
  2. Offline transfer shares and mutual funds to new demat account using DIS Slip or CDSL Easiest online transfer facility.
  3. Close the old brokerage account.

Before closing the old brokerage account, you need to ensure to:

  • Clear all the outstanding dues
  • Transfer all existing holdings to a new Demat account
  • Close all open positions.

The transfer process is simple but may take up to 20-25 days to complete the closure-cum- transfer. It includes the timelines at each step - new account opening (2-5 days), transfer of holdings (2-3days), the closing of open positions (may vary based on the price movements), and account closure (7-15 days).


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