How to transfer shares from NSDL to CDSL?

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You can transfer the shares from NSDL to CDSL by submitting the physical Delivery Instructions slip (DIS) or using the online Speed-e facility. You need to ensure to submit an Inter-depository transfer request as the transfer involves two different depositories.

If the transfer of securities is a one-time process, it is recommended to use the manual route to transfer the securities for simplicity.

Steps to transfer shares from NSDL to CDSL (offline)

  1. Procure an Inter-depository DIS from your DP/broker or ensure to select the Inter-depository if the DP/broker has a common DIS for both.
  2. Fill in the target beneficiary details like DP ID, Client ID.
  3. Fill in the details of the stock to be transferred viz. ISIN, Security name, Quantity.
  4. Sign the DIS.
  5. Submit the DIS to your DP/broker.

Steps to transfer shares from NSDL to CDSL (online)

You need to register for Smart card-based access to Speed-e to procure a digital signature certificate (DSC) to submit an on-market or off-market inter-depository transaction of your choice.

  1. Download and fill the SPEED-e Application Form, Power of Attorney or obtain it directly from your DP.
  2. Fill in all the required details.
  3. Submit the duly filled-in form with the requisite documents to your DP.
  4. DP will verify the details and then assign a User-Id that can help procure a Smart Card Kit, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), and Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  5. Install the Smart Card Kit on the computer along with the User-Id, DSC, and PIN.
  6. You can transfer the securities to the desired beneficiary using the inter-depository module.

Note: The Speed-e facility is available to users only when their DP has subscribed to the Speed-e facility.


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