How do I change my trading account?

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Changing is trading account can be achieved easily by following simple steps. With paperless instant account opening and online share transfer through CDSL Easiest, changing the trading account becomes fast, convenient and safe.

Steps to change trading account

  1. Identify the new broker where you want to open an account.
  2. Open an online account (Trading and Demat).
  3. Transfer your holdings (Shares, MFs, ETFs) to the new broker using DP Slip or CDSL's Easiest online facility for offline share transfers.
  4. Close derivatives open positions if any
  5. Withdraw the funds from your old trading account.
  6. Close the old trading account.


  • The process of changing trading account may take two to three weeks.
  • The account closure process is manual. You will have to print, sign and send the paper account closure form to the broker office.
  • If you have both old and new trading account with CDSL, you could register to CDSL Easiest facility and transfer your shares online.


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