Purva Sharegistry India Pvt Ltd IPO Registrar Review

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Purva Sharegistry Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered Share Transfer Agent and Registrar to Issue. The company has an experience of more than 20 years in delivering registrar services to IPO, Rights Issue, Open Offer as described in SEBI Takeover norms, and to work as a share transfer agents for debentures.

It also provides Depository Connectivity Services with NSDL and CDSL, and Dematerialization of Commercial Papers.

SEBI REGN NO: INR 000001112

Purva Sharegistry India Pvt Ltd
9, Shiv Shakti Industrial Estate,
JR Borica Marg,
Lower Parel (East), Mumbai - 400 011

Phone: +91-022-23018261/ 23016761
Fax: +91-022-23012517

IPO's by Purva Sharegistry India Pvt Ltd as Registrar

# Issuer Company Exchange Issue Open
1B Right Realestate Limited IPOBSE SMEJun 30, 2022
2Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces Ltd IPOBSE SMEJun 06, 2022
3Empyrean Cashews Limited IPONSE SMEMar 21, 2022
4Dj Mediaprint & Logistics Limited FPOBSE SMEJan 18, 2022
5Foce India Limited IPONSE SMEDec 13, 2021
6Shri Venkatesh Refineries Limited IPOBSE SMESep 29, 2021
7AA Plus Tradelink Limited IPOBSE SMEJul 08, 2021
8Focus Business Solution Limited IPOBSE SMEJun 30, 2021
9Veer Global Infraconstruction Limited IPOBSE SMESep 30, 2020
10DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 26, 2020
11B&B Triplewall Containers Limited IPONSE SMESep 28, 2018
12Bhatia Communications & Retail (India) Limited IPOBSE SMEFeb 08, 2018
13Kids Medical Systems Limited IPOBSE SMEDec 11, 2017
14Diggi Multitrade Limited IPOBSE SMEDec 11, 2017
15MRC Exim Limited IPOBSE SMEDec 06, 2017
16Dhruv Wellness Ltd IPOBSE SMEAug 31, 2017
17Riddhi Corporate Services Ltd IPOBSE SMEJun 12, 2017
18Sikko Industries Ltd IPONSE SMEApr 05, 2017
19Jash Dealmark Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 15, 2017
20Sanginita Chemicals Limited IPONSE SMEMar 01, 2017
21Akash Infra Projects Ltd IPONSE SMEFeb 28, 2017
22Ghushine Fintrrade Ocean Ltd IPOBSE SMEApr 25, 2016
23Umiya Tubes Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 18, 2016
24Sylph Education Solutions Ltd IPOBSE SMEFeb 10, 2016
25Athena Constructions Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 25, 2015
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