IPO Registrar List

A registrar of an IPO is a SEBI registered entity. An IPO registrar processes IPO applications and carries out the allotment process as per the IPO RHP and rules defined by SEBI. Once the IPO shares are listed on the stock exchange, the registrar works as a transfer agent for the company.

Role of Registrar in an IPO

A register for IPO plays different roles in different phases of the IPO.

  1. Pre IPO
    1. IPO planning and resource alignment.
    2. Informing Self-Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB) of the IPO process and timelines.
  2. Between IPO Closure to Pre ListingĀ 
    1. Receive the final bid file from the exchanges.
    2. Validate the IPO application data.
    3. Coordinate with bankers to ensure that final collection certificates are received.
    4. Identify invalid applications to reject.
    5. Reconcile the banked bids with the Final Bid file.
    6. Prepare the basis of allotment with lead managers.
    7. Submit the basis for approval to the Stock Exchange.
    8. Process the allotment of shares.
    9. Send funds debit and funds unblocking files to SCSBs.
  3. Post Allotment
    1. Resolve all the customer complaints.


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