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SME IPO Allotment Status - Check Date, Process and Calculation

SME IPO allotment status provides the detail about the number of shares allotted to the investor in an Initial public offer (SME IPO). SME IPO allotment process is carried out by the registrar of the SME IPO.  SME IPO allotment date is the date when the allotment status is announced to the public on the website of the registrar of the SME IPO.

SME IPO allotment calculation is published by the registrar in the basis of allotment document. Investors can do SME IPO allotment check by visiting the website of the registrar (i.e. Linkintime, Karvy) once the allotment is done. 

SME IPO Investors are also informed about the new SME IPO allotment status by BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL through email and SMS.

SME IPO Allotment Status Check

Company Name Issue Open Issue Close Issue Price (Rs)
Net Pix Shorts Digital Media LimitedNov 18, 2020Nov 23, 202030
Shine Fashions (India) LtdOct 22, 2020Oct 26, 202040
Bodhi Tree Multimedia LtdOct 09, 2020Oct 13, 202095
Sigma Solve LimitedSep 29, 2020Oct 09, 202045
Veer Global Infraconstruction LimitedSep 30, 2020Oct 09, 202028
Atal Realtech LtdSep 30, 2020Oct 07, 202072
G M Polyplast LimitedSep 30, 2020Oct 06, 2020159
AAA Technologies LimitedSep 30, 2020Oct 05, 202042
Atam Valves LtdSep 18, 2020Sep 25, 202040
SecMark Consultancy LimitedSep 18, 2020Sep 23, 2020135
Advait Infratech LimitedSep 15, 2020Sep 18, 202051 LtdAug 18, 2020Aug 20, 2020105
Suratwwala Business Group LtdAug 03, 2020Aug 05, 202015
Bonlon Industries LtdJun 30, 2020Jul 03, 202028
Ksolves India LtdJun 23, 2020Jun 26, 2020100
Billwin Industries LtdJun 18, 2020Jun 22, 202037
Nirmitee Robotics India LtdMar 31, 2020Apr 09, 2020185
Laxmi Goldorna House LtdMar 20, 2020Apr 03, 202015
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics LtdMar 26, 2020Mar 31, 202020
Cospower Engineering LtdMar 17, 2020Mar 19, 202051
RO Jewels LtdMar 12, 2020Mar 17, 202036
SM Auto Stamping LtdMar 03, 2020Mar 05, 202018
ICL Organic Dairy Products LtdJan 31, 2020Feb 07, 202020
Chandra Bhagat Pharma LtdJan 31, 2020Feb 06, 202051
Madhav Copper LtdJan 27, 2020Jan 30, 2020102
Janus Corporation LtdJan 27, 2020Jan 30, 202050
Tranway Technologies LtdJan 27, 2020Jan 29, 202010
HindPrakash Industries LtdJan 15, 2020Jan 17, 202040

SME IPO Allotment FAQs

  1. What is SME IPO Allotment Status?

    Shares are allocated to retail investors in an SME IPO through a lottery in case of oversubscription of SME IPO. Online SME IPO allotments status offers detail about the number of shares applied and allocated to the investor in an SME IPO.

  2. How to check SME IPO allotment status?

    The allotment status is available online on the registrar's website. An investor can check allotment status by entering PAN Number or the SME IPO allocation number.

    Registrar of the SME IPO also publishes a basis of allotment document. This document provides detail about the number of applications received and how the allotments are done.

  3. Where to check SME IPO allotment status?

    SME IPO investors can check the SME IPO allotment status on the website of SME IPO registrar.

    Each SME IPO has a designed registrar i.e. Linkintime, Karvy. Register of an SME IPO is a financial institution registered with stock exchanges and SEBI. Registrars keep the records of the issue and ownership of the company shares. The registrar is responsible for allotment of shares to investors in an SME IPO, process refund, and transfer allocated shares to investors demat account.

  4. When is SME IPO allotment status?

    SME IPO allotment status is available online within one week of the public issue closing date. The allotment is announced by the registrar of the SME IPO.


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