Anand Rathi Securities Limited Lead Manager's IPO Performance

Anand Rathi Securities Limited is a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker offering lead manager services to IPOs in India. Lead managers are the key entity in an IPO. They are involved at every single step of IPO.

The below report provides the list of IPOs handled by Anand Rathi Securities Limited lead manager. The report also provides information about:

  1. How many times did issues got subscribed (over-subscribed)?
  2. The final issue price was discovered during IPO Process.
  3. The listing gains/loss in percentage.

Anand Rathi Securities Limited IPOs & Listing Gain

Issuer Company Issue Type Listing Date Issue Size Subscribed Issue Price Listing Day Gain Current Price Current Gain
Electronics Mart India LimitedMainlineOct 17, 2022Rs. 500.00 Cr71.93xRs. 59.0043.14%Rs. 64.739.71%
Anand Rathi Wealth LimitedMainlineDec 14, 2021Rs. 660.00 Cr9.78xRs. 550.006.09%Rs. 812.8547.79%
Paras Defence And Space Technologies LimitedMainlineOct 01, 2021Rs. 170.78 Cr304.26xRs. 175.00185%Rs. 461.2163.54%
V-Mart Retail LtdMainlineFeb 20, 2013Rs. 94.42 Cr1.20xRs. 210.00-2.26%Rs. 2263.75977.98%
Aanjaneya Lifecare LtdMainlineMay 27, 2011Rs. 117.00 Cr1.11xRs. 234.00
Lovable Lingeries LtdMainlineMar 24, 2011Rs. 93.28 Cr35.21xRs. 205.0021.56%Rs. 99.6-51.41%
C Mahendra Exports LtdMainlineJan 20, 2011Rs. 165.00 Cr2.78xRs. 110.00
Gallantt Ispat LtdMainlineOct 11, 2010Rs. 40.50 CrRs. 50.0063.2%Rs. 63.81176%
Intrasoft Technologies LimitedMainlineApr 12, 2010Rs. 53.65 Cr18.95xRs. 145.009.9%Rs. 105.65-27.14%
Pradip Overseas LimitedMainlineApr 05, 2010Rs. 116.60 Cr14.08xRs. 110.00-2.59%Rs. 1.14-98.96%
Euro Multivision LimitedMainlineOct 15, 2009Rs. 66.00 Cr1.81xRs. 75.00-29.07%Rs. 1.43-98.09%
Gokul Refoils and Solvent LimitedMainlineJun 04, 2008Rs. 139.59 Cr4.27xRs. 195.00-7.15%Rs. 27.17-30.33%
V-Guard Industries LimitedMainlineMar 13, 2008Rs. 65.60 Cr2.70xRs. 82.00-10.43%Rs. 247.82921.95%
J Kumar Infraprojects LimitedMainlineFeb 12, 2008Rs. 71.50 Cr2.17xRs. 110.00-6.64%Rs. 239.7335.82%
Kaveri Seed Company LimitedMainlineOct 04, 2007Rs. 68.00 Cr4.00xRs. 170.0035.35%Rs. 513.351409.85%
Allied Digital Services LimitedMainlineJul 25, 2007Rs. 85.93 Cr60.87xRs. 190.0074.63%Rs. 77.07-18.87%
Indus Fila LimitedMainlineMar 08, 2007Rs. 82.34 Cr1.43xRs. 170.00
Technocraft Industries (India) LtdMainlineFeb 12, 2007Rs. 87.36 Cr10.67xRs. 105.00-3.9%Rs. 1179.51023.33%
XL Telecom LtdMainlineDec 28, 2006Rs. 59.35 CrRs. 150.00-9.33%
Hanung Toys And Textiles LtdMainlineOct 20, 2006Rs. 90.25 CrRs. 95.00
  • Report - Lead Manager Performance Tracker
  • Over-subscription (Total): Number of Times Issue is Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
  • Issue Price: The price of share issued to public.
  • * % Change on Listing Day: Percent gain/loss from Issue price to the close Price.

Note: This report only provide data about IPOs and do not cover FPOs.